Tuesday, November 12, 2013

GMO's Are Safe And Twice As Many Americans Should Take Statin Drugs. Really?

There is no need for alarm. Evidently we are not what we eat. And the LDL cholesterol connection thing is just a coincidence with the news today that that twice as many Americans should be on statin drugs.

From Genetic Literacy Project:

Can science self-correct, in effect protect against sloppy or politicized research? Scientists can try—but the success of those efforts depends in large measure upon the integrity of journalists and advocates to address their own reporting mistakes.
photo from npr.org

But as GLP executive director Jon Entine reports in Forbes, the Union of Concerned Scientists, Consumers Union and prominent anti-GMO journalists are discouragingly but predictably silent after multiple science publications severely challenged an alarmist RNA study they had hyped.

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I have to say that most scientists don't think GMO's are harmful to human health. With that said, this debunking of a study about LDL Cholesterol and GMO's comes out the same day I get a report from ABC News saying that a new study says about twice as many Americans should be taking Statin drugs (like Lipitor) to lower their bad Cholesterol as are currently on the drugs. 

Coincidence? Maybe. 

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