Thursday, November 14, 2013

Randi Rhodes Let Go By Premiere Radio

UPDATE: Premiere Radio Has A Change Of Heart! See BradBlog for details. 

Talk radio is an ever changing game. Liberal Talk Radio is no different other than the fact that it is about 1/200 of the size of Right Wing Talk radio if you consider the amount of hours available on commercial talk radio in the US. I'm going by Karel numbers so give or take, actual hours may vary some.
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So it is with some sadness that liberal talker Randi Rhodes will be leaving Premiere Radio Networks for an as yet unknown future. Randi Rhodes is a former enlisted US Air For mechanic that did a great job as a liberal talk show host, especially when it came to the topic of war and defense and all the baggage that can bring to the table.

I was never able to add her to KGOE because I had Dr. Laura in her time slot replaced by Ed Schultz and then Thom Hartmann. When I added Karel to the station 3 to 6 pm we became live on most weekdays from 3 am till 9 pm and also 10 pm to 2 am. That's 22 hours a day during the week. I just had no reason to take her show because I also had Coast to Coast AM  live and nowhere to really put it.

Below is a deeper look into Randi Rhodes, Bain Capital LLC, Clear Channel and Premiere, the radio biz and an old lawsuit that should prevent, well just go see the story at The Brad Blog.

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