Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Trinidad Ice Sculpture

It wasn't really a sculpture at all. It has been so cold here that when I turned over a bucket that had contained rain water, this beauty fell out. I just framed it on my outside bar overlooking Trinidad Harbor. Ok, so I don't really have a view of the harbor, but my friend Danny did a pretty good job of hooking me up with a good facsimile.


  1. There is something going on with my keyboard on my laptop. While I type the cursor just jumps around randomly and that is causing me to make many spelling errors and other mistakes. The title of this simple post was wrong so I fixed it and sent it out wrong again. I finally got it fixed again but this is driving me crazy. I have never had this problem with this laptop until I got a new hard drive installed. It's like there is some sensitivity level that got changed somewhere. What ever it is, it now acts a lot like my Lenovo which just sucks to use without a mouse and the keyboard is laid out in a bad way.

  2. Have you messed with you mouse, cursor, and pointer settings?
    Another possibility- laptops are prone to crumbs and junk falling into
    the keyboard, causing strange things.My only advice is too get a small cheap wireless mouse. It will work on almost any surface.
    Otherwise, google it.

  3. I was using a keyboard/mouse USB adapter with my laptop. Kind of a drag to lug around the extra keyboard but makes it much nice for actually working with the laptop. You plug the laptop and mouse into the adapter, and the adapter into a USB port.

    Another option is getting a wireless keyboard/mouse combo, which is what I switched to a year or so ago. When I'm going out of town I disconnect the radio receive from the back of this computer, stick it in my computer bag and take the mouse and keyboard with me. No wires cluttering up the motel room table and no adapter to deal with.

  4. :) Spontaneous beauty is the best kind... imho... I wanted you to know that your referrals the other day have lead to positive developments, thank you! Happy Holidays.


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