Saturday, December 14, 2013

What Ever Happened To $2.3 Trillion Dollars The Pentagon Admitted It Lost The Day Before 9/11?

With all of the talk about cutting peoples pensions, unemployment, food stamps and welfare in general, it is strange that $2.3 Trillion dollars is spent and no one knows how or where?

Quinn at the Daily Kos writes:

It was forgotten in the wake of 9-11, but on 9-10 the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said:
On September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld gave a speech at the Pentagon where he stated:     “According to some estimates, we cannot track $2.3 Trillion dollars in transactions.”
    “The adversary is closer to home, it’s the Pentagon bureaucracy.”
    “In fact, it could be said that it’s a matter of life and death.”
Let me be clear that I am NOT trying to draw a parallel between the timing of Rumsfeld's statement and 9-11....this is NOT a 'CT' thing. But, as the right revisits 'welfare queens' with 'Obama phones', I think it's a fair question to ask.

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Quinn also asks why congress is so obsessed with cutting food stamps and looking for welfare queens when 2.3 Trillion dollars disappears and no one investigates as to who got that money? They just wrote it off and covered it up.

I agree with Quinn with the exception of the coincidence of the timing. I think that the fact that this news was announced the day before 9/11attacks destroyed the area of the Pentagon where the records of the lost transactions or at least some paper trail might have existed, is awfully suspicious and convenient.
After you see some links at the Daily Kos above, watch the video of Rumsfeld himself making the statement.

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  1. Thank you, Tom, for reminding us of this highly suspicious timed news release and no follow up investigation. A huge amount of money going where?


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