Thursday, January 30, 2014

Testing The Pacific For Radioactivity To Cost Over $500.00 Per Sample

A Los Angeles Times Story from yesterday discusses radioactivity in the Pacific Ocean and the Fukushima Nuclear Reactors that are melting down. Ken Buesseler of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution even goes so far as to say quote "No radiation from Fukushima has reached the United States yet". This would seem to be a lie except I think it was poor reporting. It is my belief that the reporter mistook "no radiation from Fukushima in the waters of the U.S." for no radiation at all. See this graph from Live Science for a map of radiation traces picked up all over the U.S. as proof that radiation has hit the U.S.

What pisses me off about this kind of reporting is that even though Ken Buesseler him self admits that "“If nobody is making measurements, people can say anything,” the LA Times reporter, Russ Parsons just glosses over the fact that at one point Buesseler makes the claim and then admits that there is no current testing. He also fails to differentiate between air and water testing. This by itself is as misleading as most of the blog posts that the story is blaming for all of the misleading information out there.

I expect more from the LA Times but as far as I am concerned they aren't much better at reporting on this than any other news outlet and that would now include many of the blogs that also have this wrong. Fact is no one really knows what's going on in the water and that's why Ken Buesseler is setting up this program.
Photo from

The good part of this story is that private money from private people will now spend their money to try to find out what is really going on in the Pacific Ocean. These tests will cost between $550.00 adn $600.00 each.

This should have been going on since the accident and this should be paid by our own government. The fact that the the U.S. doesn't consider radiation from 3 melting down nuclear reactors anything that needs to be studied, measured and reported on should speak volumes to everyone in this country.

So in conclusion, I spent much time criticizing the story but I do feel positive about the part that individuals will be able to anti up and put their money where their mouth is. That someone, somewhere is actually going to quantify and measure what is actually going on in the Pacific Ocean. This is a positive step in the right direction.

I think for educational purposes I should point out that hourly air measurements done by the EPA are done differently than those walking around with Geiger counters like the guy on the beach that gets so much reporting. The EPA's official measurements are of filters that air is pushed through and not just random air samples. This gives a more accurate measurement since radiation seems to be in pockets or plumes and is not a constant. Make no mistake, radiation from Fukushima is and has been here since a few days after the Daiichi Nuclear Plants blew up. That is being measured and is a fact. What all the speculation is all about is the Pacific Ocean and how that is reacting to tons of radioactive water being dumped into it every day since March of 2011. Perhaps Ken Buesseler and other will shed some light on this now that there is a program being set up to do that, no thanks to our government though.

Read the misleading LA Times story here.
Here is a better story from EcoWatch
Also see this from  Counterpunch

Here are some quotes and links from
BBC News, Feb. 2012 — Ken Buesseler, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (at 1:30 in): “It still surprises me how much variability even on our one cruise, between one location and another, that we can’t necessarily explain as scientists, why one organism or one location has particularly more of  the cesium in the organisms that we measured than another location. That’s still a bit of a mystery and an open question.”

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Goat Corral Pre-Grand Opening

It started last weekend, the 150' plus fence installation around the perimeter. That was a lot of fencing. We have finally created a pen or corral for the goats and although it keeps them contained and from eating the patio furniture, it is far from done. We have the goat shelter to construct, the electric fence trim and possibly a small chicken coop.

The ducks started laying again this week too, if you look close the 3 eggs on the bottom have a green hue to them. They are both Mallards but only one of them lays greenish eggs. The ducks are wanting some rain but the rest of us enjoying the great outdoors. Juneuary continues in robust fashion here on the North Coast. Just another beautiful day in paradise.
We had enough fencing to fence the garden off too. Hopefully we will get that started next month.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Another Broken Record For Eureka California

The Official Environmental Protection Agency in Eureka has recorded another record high beta radiation reading  for Eureka on Tuesday.
The previous record high reading was recorded on January 3rd. of 2014 and was 190 Counts Per Minute or CPM. Tuesday's high was 228 Counts Per Minute.

As many will tell you, this new reading is still below U.S. standards what would require any sort of warning or evasive action but it backs up what I have been saying that there is a slow but upward trend. What used to be between 7 and 15 CPM on average is now somewhere around 80 CPM. Today the lowest number recorded as of 12:30 pm was 111 CPM and current reading is 143 CPM.

See for yourself. Go here and enter Eureka in the box near the bottom right and submit. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Teachers Picket In McKinleyville

It was over a month ago that teachers and the school district in McKinleyville came to an empasse over contract negotiations. According to the Times-Standard newspaper:

Teachers are asking for one of two options: a 5 percent salary increase to the 2013-2014 salary schedule that's retroactive to July 1, or a 3 percent raise if the health and welfare contribution cap increases from $11,000 to $12,750. The association also is asking for two more discretionary days off.

”The rationale is we haven't received any cost of living raise in five years; we're into the sixth year now,” Meng said. “There were a lot of budget cuts to the state. We tried to be considerate to the district because we knew they had their budget cut by the state, so we didn't ask for anything for five years. Now that funding has returned to the district, we're asking for a raise.”

Teachers took to the foggy streets this morning with picket signs on Central Avenue and Railroad Avenue in front of McKinleyville Middle School to draw attention to the lack of a new contract. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

A Vision For The Tsurai Village Site For 2014 - By Patti Fleschner

Trinidad Needs To Stop Fighting And Come Together

By Patti Fleschner
Trinidad Tidings
A vision for the Tsurai Village site for 2014: What if the concept of blame could be left out of a solution to preserve and protect the 12.5 acre bluff site above Indian Beach which was Tsurai Village?
photo by Tom Sebourn Blog

What if the people who are interested in the historical, cultural, botanical and geological aspects of the place – the City of Trinidad, the Tsurai Ancestral Society, the Yurok Tribe, the Coastal Conservancy, the Coastal Commission, the Trinidad Coastal Land Trust, the home owners adjacent to the site and, peripherally, the Trinidad Civic Club, which is steward of a small parcel where the Trinidad Memorial Lighthouse rests – could spend time and energy on care and preservation instead of discord?

What if members of the Yurok Tribe or Tsurai Ancestral Society Cultural Committees could present programs or walking tours to educate community groups on village heritage and cultural monitoring? Interest is high. Programs on Indian culture have been among the best attended ones at Trinidad Museum.

What if community volunteers of Yurok and non-Yurok heritage could work together on trail work, bluff stabilization or invasive plant removal?
What if agreement could be reached on placement and what words might be written on interpretive or warning signs?

With two decades of litigation, or threatened litigation, over best practices to preserve the fragile bluff areas, a paralysis has set in on how to mark, or not mark, how to maintain, or not maintain, village areas, vegetation and trails.

Trinidad residents are confused. The Coastal Conservancy is confused. The Coastal Commission is confused. City leaders are confused. The Trinidad Coastal Land Trust is confused. Community groups are confused.

Would a community education forum with representatives from interested parties telling about history and current goals serve to bring harmony in the town?
People alive today, with multifarious personal, cultural and political perspectives, can solve the challenge of making Trinidad’s past and present come together as one.

Is it possible to agree that there are no ill-intentioned actors to blame? Understanding and education seem key in reconciliation. In the end, the people of Trinidad have much common ground to stand on and work for: respect for village heritage along with practical measures to preserve a precious site.

Patti Fleschner is president of Trinidad Museum Society and Trinidad Civic Club Memorial Lighthouse secretary. Her viewpoint does not necessarily reflect positions of organizations of which she is a member. E-mail her at

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ducks Goats And Smoke Salmon In Juneuary

The place is starting to come together. My two ducks are about to get a couple of neighbors. Across the driveway from their little pen and pond will be the new pen for the two goats that belong to my neighbors. January isn't normally a good time for outdoor activities like building goat pens but they are starting to get pretty big and outgrowing their kennels. My neighbor called today a nice weekend for the middle of Juneuary.

While the 49ers game was on I smoked some salmon for barter. They provided the fish and I did the brine and smoking. I got a piece of the action so to say. Due to the incredible weather we got more done than I thought we would and I am much more sore than I thought I would be.

Spike In Background Radiation In Eureka Not Caused By Fukushima?

According to an article in today's Times-Standard Newspaper written by Will Houston, we have nothing to worry about. Houston says that according to emeritus physical science professor Richard Stepp at Humboldt State, calculations he did show that by the time airborne radiation makes it's 5,500 mile, (two day) journey to California, the radiation would only be about 1/200 of the normal background level of radiation that is usually found here on the North Coast.

This is good news. That means that the higher than normal levels of background radiation measured by EPA are not from Fukushiima and therefore, are caused by something else. This might mean  that one could move to another part of the state and have nothing to worry about as far as airborne Fukushima radiation is concerned. We must be dealing with an isolated event here in Eureka that rises and drops randomly. I have read that radiation is like that. It tends to hit areas like a laser beam with super high levels in one place and normal levels just a few feet away.

So, if as the EPA chart I shared the other day which showed a background levels of 7CPM beta count radiation levels in 2012 as normal are correct, where did all the other beta radiation come from? We have been measuring 80CPM to 190 CPM on that same EPA meter and chart this year when last year it was 7CPM. That is not a 1/200th, increase, it is more like a 1,000 percent increase. The question I have is where is this increase of background beta radiation coming from?

Perhaps I didn't understand what I was reading in the article. Another thought is that in the article, Professor Stepp never said what the numbers should be. There were no numbers mentioned at all as to what normal Eureka background levels were, are now and or why they might be different than his calculations.

On the positive side, the article did say that a biology professor from Cal State Long Beach is teaming up with the head of the Applied Nuclear Physics Lab at the University of California Berkeley to study coastal kelp in what's being called "Kelp Watch 2014".

So in conclusion, no one seems to want to explain to us why the background beta radiation that was 7 counts per minute according to the EPA in June of 2012, shot up to 190 counts per minute on January 3rd. 2014 and is hovering around 80 counts per minute these days.

The California Department of Public Health did say last week that "There is no public health risk at California beaches due to radioactivity related to Fukushima". Based on that information, the next time airborne beta counts go 1,000 times over normal in Eureka, I would suggest going to the beach where things are safe.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

What You Can Do About Radiation From Fukushima And Elsewhere

So what can you do abut the radiation from Fukushima and elsewhere? Not much. 

Since no one earth has come up with a real solution to stop the radiation from escaping from the 3 melting down reactors in Fukushima Japan, I offer the following advice.

Give to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

I offer this as our best solution to the problem of man made radioactive contamination from Fukushima, Chernobyl and the more than 2,000 nuclear detonations that were done on purpose throughout the cold war.

Now I'm no expert but there doesn't seem to be anyone on the planet these days that knows how to stop 3 runaway melting reactors from continuing to melt down and spew their carcinogenic poison all over the world. If there is, please go to Japan and tell them how to stop it. I say there is no one that can do it. So since we can't stop it, we should prepare for it.

While many would say that the best way to prepare is to do nothing since it's not going to kill us right away. This stuff builds up over time and accumulates in the bones and tissue of our bodies. It also builds up in our food supply in the animals and plants we eat. Since we have to eat and can't escape the poison because this is currently the only planet we have that sustains human life, we must prepare.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital has been finding ways to beat cancers for over 50 years. They have some of the brightest doctors on the planet studying the various ways that cancers work to attack the human body. When they find a solution or treatment for a particular ailment or cancer, they publish it and share it with the world for free.

Their research is unique in that it isn't funded by the pharmaceutical companies or the government. Their research doesn't just stop because one branch of congress can't agree with another branch and pass a budget. Their experiments and research are completely independent of  such hazards and  keep on going until a conclusion is made.

Since all of this man made radiation is being scattered all over the earth, the rates of cancers will start to climb because that is a known side effect of radiation.

This is not an official plea from St. Jude. I don't work for them. I do work for a group of radio stations that raise money for the hospital and their life saving research. This is also not an official announcement from where I work. This is just me sharing what I feel is the obvious. Every year we set aside the better part of two days for live radiothon broadcasts.  Last year and the year before, we raised over 100-thousand dollars for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

This is coming up again in March sometime. I'll post something about it here on the blog as I always do to let you know if you want to donate during that time. If you live out of our listening area you can try the radio streams or just go to St. Jude yourself and make a donation.

One thing about donating to St. Jude, while they like the individual donation of a set amount however large or small, their favorite way to get donations is through incremental credit card donations of about 25-dollars a month for a year. This allows the research teams to better determine how long the funding for each year will last. Either way, a donation to this organization will go a long way in helping people's lives as we deal with this brave new world. 

If anyone else has any positive suggestions or ideas of a  course we might take to make things better regarding this situation, please feel free to share them with all of us in the comments section. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Airborne Radiation Levels Up Again In Eureka, Worse In San Francisco

According to the website San Francisco is experiencing a Radcon4 level of airborne radiation today. Things are also hot in Eureka according to and the EPA.
From Official EPA Website
 The above chart is Eureka today and the one below is from San Francisco. They are reporting no Beta radiation so that is a glitch but notice the high levels of Gamma radiation.
From The Official EPA Website 
Note that  the charts don't have direct links. You have to go to the site and learn how to navigate it. The site has a place where you select the city and then it crunches numbers and pops up with a graph. For those conspiracy folks that don't trust the government, I include the site that usually backs up the EPA site. If you notice the high gamma rays in San Francisco today and compare them to Eureka's chart you can see that the site reflects one being higher than the other. taken 1-17-2014

There are those that will say that this all no big deal. That stories from 2011 show things to be just fine. I suggest you learn as much as you can about the subject and see for yourself. If  Fukushima were to be remedied today and the radiation leaking from that site were to be turned off, this would be of much less concern. The fact that we have 3 melt downs going on with no end in site should have people concerned.

Notice also that I am not talking about the water. I have no idea what is really going on in the Pacific Ocean so I am not making any claims about that. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

PechaKucha 20/20 Night Arcata Theatre Lounge Saturday

It's an artsy thing where presenters use 20 props, art works or pictures and they each get 20 seconds of time to tell a story about each one.

Admission ifs free if you buy 5 dollars in food or beverage so it's a cheap night as far as that goes.
Here's the skinny on the whole affair:


Saturday, January 18
Arcata Theatre Lounge
Doors at 6:30 PM
Presentations at 7 PM
FREE with minimum $5 food or beverage purchase
All ages

700 Cities Worldwide & now in Arcata!

PechaKucha Arcata 20/20 is a global phenomenon and new local event that brings community members of all ages together to share their ideas, passions, art, work, experiences and stories. Four times a year, PechaKucha Arcata 20/20 host a relaxed, fun evening of short presentations of 20 images with 20 seconds of narrative per image.

Presentations are by local artists, authors, healers, environmentalists, performers, storytellers, and travelers, etc and Volume 2 on Jan 18 includes:
1. Carolyn Lehman, Author     “My Unexpected Camino”
2. Michael Fields, Producing Artistic Director Dell Arte’ International
“Art. This Place. The Future”
3. Charlene Storr, Tolowa Elder     “How To Tell A Story”
4. Lauryn Axelrod, Writer & Nutritionist
“Share Gardens: (Almost) Free Food and Community”
5.James Floss, Actor and HSU Professor   “Climb Aboard the Time Machine”
6. Susan Morton, Unlimited Visual Artist     “Capturing the Light”

and Others…..

First developed in 2003 in Tokyo, PechaKucha has become an evening event held in hundreds of cities and towns around the world. All PechaKucha events are non-profit, grassroot endeavors featuring presenters that highlight the diversity and creativity of the local community.

PechaKucha presentations uncover the unexpected: unexpected talent, unexpected ideas.  PechaKuchas tell great concise stories from the heart!  Some are incredibly personal, some are incredibly funny but all are very different and they turn each PechaKucha night into a “box of chocolates”!

Visit or to learn more about PechaKucha worldwide. To get involved with PechaKucha Arcata, please contact Jeffrey Steinkamp 707-834-3428 or email Gina Belton at

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

They're Gone, But I Still Have A Can Of Them From Thailand

“They’re All Gone”: Shock as sardines vanish off California — Fishermen didn’t find a single one all summer — Scientist: This is about the entire Pacific coast… Canada, Mexico, U.S. — NOAA: We don’t know why; The young aren’t surviving.

 That's the headline at Energy News.

Have you seen a Pacific Sardine lately? I have noticed that I haven't seen as many sea gulls this last year as before. Sea gulls eat sardines or any easy prey.  I saw many at the dump/recycling center in McKinleyville this past weekend but they weren't in the numbers that they used to be. There were dozens of them at the Chevron in Trinidad in the old days. Throw down a french fry and they would go crazy.  Now other than an occasional stray gull, the crows and ravens have the place to them selves. Maybe it's just an off year for them but the lack of an entire species that is one of the main food staples of birds and other  marine mammals as well as larger fish is something to be concerned about.
Evidently they hauled in about 4,400 tons and the quota for just the first 6 months of the Pacific Sardine  season was 23,000 tons.

The link to a story below speculates that colder ocean water is the cause. Could melting ice in the Arctic be contributing to the colder ocean currents? 

 From Fisherman's News:
While CWPA leaders say sardines are cautiously managed and natural explanations exist for declining stocks, environmental advocates like Oceana's Shester say that attitude is what led to the previous collapse of the sardine fishery, when fishermen were allowed to fish "until they couldn't find any more fish." They say the current situation, especially off the California coast, mirrors those times, when sardines disappeared and didn't return for almost 30 years.
This time, they add, recovery could take much longer.
See much more at Fisherman's News Dot Com.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Little River Lagoon State Beach?

Or perhaps it could be called Moonstone Lagoon. I like both. Little River Lagoon State Beach sounds more official for some reason.

It seems that a combination of a lack of big surf and winter storms, low flows on Little River and how all that affects sand movements have sort of created a new lagoon. What once was only full at high tide or raging floods, is now a quiet still lagoon, perfect for wind surfing when there is wind, paddle boarding for beginners and mellow kayaking.

We are getting some nice rains today on the north coast so maybe the Little River that could can find a way to break through Moonstone Beach with some true force and determination. Until then, there is another great spot to take kids out on the water without having to worry about sharks and waves.

My old kayak launching spot was about 30 or more feet past the bottom of the stairs and there was a nice beach area to the left (see photo above this one) that is now all water.
As with all lagoons along the North Coast, levels change without notice so enjoy this one while it exists. There is a spot that looks like a lake right now that I used to have to get out of the kayak and drag it over in the past if I missed the tide. Not so for the past few weeks.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Iowa Farmer Comes To Humboldt To Talk About GMO's

From: GMO Free Humboldt <>

The California State Grange, Label GMOs and GMO Free Humboldt are proud to present speaker Howard Vlieger, a third generation family farmer who has been a “student of the soil,” studying why and how soil works as it does, since 1989. Vlieger, the primary coordinator and co-author of the only livestock feeding study in which GMO and non-GMO corn and soy were fed to pigs for their lifetime as a meat animals, lives on the family farm where he was born and raised in northwest Iowa. His study was published in the June 2013 Journal of Organic Systems. Vlieger is internationally-recognized for his work with GMO crops and biological crop production. His experience with crop nutrition advisory dates from 1992 and his research and testing of GMO crops to 1994/1996. He has worked with crop and livestock producers all across the US and in Canada. Vlieger presents firsthand knowledge, from a real farmer and researcher, about the challenges associated with GMO crops, including how GMO crops affect soil, plants, animals and humans.

The tour also features short presentations from both the President of the CA Grange, Bob McFarland & Pamm Larry, initial instigator of Prop 37.

Bob McFarland is serving a third term as the President of the California State Grange. Formed in 1867, the Grange is the oldest agricultural organization in the country with
10,000 members serving 215 communities in California. Since taking office in 2009, McFarland has shepherded a return to the Grange's agrarian roots, spurring unprecedented
membership growth and an increased awareness of the Grange as a driving force supporting California farmers and consumers.

Pamm Larry is the Initial Instigator of Prop 37, the 2012 California Ballot Initiative to label Genetically Engineered Foods. As the Director of,  Larry and regional leaders continue to educate and work on GMO issues.
GMO Free Humboldt will also give a brief presentation about current county-wide efforts to protect our local organic farming.

Vlieger’s presentations are free, as an educational opportunity for our community, our farmers, grange members, and everyone interested in learning more about GMOs.  There will be  opportunity to ask questions.

The following presentations are scheduled for Humboldt County, Monday, January 27:

1:00PM - 4:00PM
Rohner Grange #509
621 11th Street, Fortuna

6:00PM -9:00PM
Humboldt Hill Grange #501
5845 Humboldt Hill Road, Eureka
(One block south of the agriculture station)

GMO Free Humboldt
Fairness ~ Prosperity ~ Protection

Please help us meet our goal of raising $10,000 to create a GMO Free Humboldt!

Find GMO Free Humboldt at and

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Infowars Comes To Town With A Geiger Counter

The newsy arm of the Alex Jones Show, Infowars came to town today.  A Youtube video shows their crew in Northern California taking radiation readings from their trip that took in parts south of San Francisco and ended up at Gill's By The Bay and the PG&E decommissioned nuclear power plant just across the freeway from the radio stations where I work in Eureka. From here they were said to be heading north.
They were intrigued by the high radiation readings being reported by the EPA and private people with Geiger counters since December of last year. The highest reported reading ever reported by the EPA in Eureka Ca. happened on January 3rd. of this year 2014. That number for those keeping track was 190 CPM or counts per minute. You can see the chart with the beta and gamma numbers at the link. I would embed the link but something keeps stopping those from working properly on my blog .

I have only been tracking the elevated readings since about the 30th of December last year and today is the first day this year that numbers showed normal background readings in Eureka.
 So it was because of this that I found it ironic that the guys from Infowars came to Eureka today while their home base of Austen Texas was under a Radcon4 level which is just one level short of an Alert.

For what it's worth, below is a short video they posted while exploring the Redwood Coast with their radiation detector.

If you want to see data and links see my previous posts. 
If you want to go to a site with intelligent minds discussing this stuff you might want to take a look at this.

Here is an excerpt from a discussion at of people trying to figure out why fish and animals are disappearing or beaching themselves that is going on there. I find it fascinating.

  • gottagetoffthegrid
    I've been thinking that this is a mass undersea panic. You see the the giant plume of radiation is just off shore and seems to be pushing them onshore.
    But why? You can't feel low level radiation. No, HUMANS can't feel radiation.
    What exactly *is* this radiation? It's primarily beta radiation, that's right electrons. We build "curtains" with electric charges to keep fish out of water intakes, Etc. and its not a massive voltage. so why wouldn't these sea creatures run from a moving plume of massive electric charge? They use strong beta isotopes to power space probes as batteries.
    These creatures can feel this hell coming. That's my thinking for what it's worth.

    Report comment

    • Kassandra
      Very interesting hypothesis

      Report comment

      • gottagetoffthegrid
        All those Bq per cubic meter are really electrons per second.
        A static shock from a door knob hurts and it is measured in nano amps (1 billionth of an amp).
        1 amp is 6000 peta electrons per second ( 6 billion billion electrons)
        It seems to add up: billions of cubic meters of water at 100s of Bq per cubic metre. This plume could be producing profound discomfort at the boundary where the charge gradient is maximum. Sort of an event horizon–just no blck hole.

        Report comment

        • gottagetoffthegrid
          Further, as a self generating charge, the centre of the plume would have little charge gradient, so the charge cloud could build in intensity– only at the edge would there be significant current.
          Poor creatures. Tazered onto dry land to die.

          Report comment

Squidzilla Washes Up On Santa Monica Beach

I found this hard to believe but there are several reports. This one from
Is this a side effect of radiation from Fukushima? Some are suggesting that this is caused by radioactive gigantism. Maybe there have always been squid this big but until now they have never wanted to leave the ocean?
I'm going with this being a hoax. The report references a college that doesn't exist and there are other inconsistencies. Great picture though. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January 3rd Was Possibly The Highest Level Of Radiation Ever Recorded For Eureka California

According to the EPA RadNet Query Web Site, at about 7:28 pm on Friday, January 3rd, 2013, the Eureka air monitor registered gross beta counts of background radiation at 190 CPM or counts per minute. The normal background for Eureka was around 15 CPM before Fukushima melted down according to this site. That grew to around 40 CPM on average just days after the disaster on 3-11-11. Add 150 CPM to that new normal and you can see how hot things got here in Eureka that day.

EPA Website

Monday, January 6, 2014

A Forbes Contributor Says Blue Fin Tuna Is Safer Than A Banana

Tim Worstall writing for has released a story with a study that shows that a serving of Pacific Blue Fin Tuna contain less radioactive isotopes than a an entire banana. It should be noted that this information was collected over a year ago so take it with a grain of sea salt.

This is good to know. Sushi eaters rejoice. The fish may be safer than the seaweed that it is wrapped in.
This still doesn't mean that Salmon or local fish and crab are safe but it doesn't meant they aren't either. I had local fish on Friday and Shrimp from the waters of Thailand last night. I was betting that the Thai shrimp was safer than the shrimp from the gulf which was my other choice. The gulf shrimp are swimming in oil and corexit residues so I went for the Pacific Shrimp. Sure I was gambling one shrimp being better than another with limited information. We all have to make choices and the better informed we are, the better choices we are able to make. So with that spirit, I pass along this good news about one single species of fish.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Smoke From Red Fire Over McKinleyville, Trinidad And North To Crescent City.

The Red Fire that broke out on Saturday near Snow Camp off US. Highway 299 is 40 percent
contained. Cal-Fire crews are on the scene and say that the fire is approaching 400 acres tonight.

Cal-Fire says smoke is moving northwest over McKinleyville, Trinidad and up to Crescent City.

No homes or structures have been threatened so far and the fire is still under investigation.

Weather forecast is for patchy smoke overnight and light winds on Monday with a chance of rain on Tuesday.

Update: Fire crews now have this fire 65% contained and have held it's size to less than 400 acres. Cooler, wetter weather that arrived last night helped in the fight if the Red Fire which according to the Times Standard,  is now expected to be fully contained by Thursday. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Radiation Levels Still High In Eureka Ca.

Elevated levels of background radiation have been measured here in Eureka Ca. since late last year. This elevation seems to have coincided with the recent steam release at the damaged Fukushima Diachi Power Plant in Japan. Reports say that heavy rains caused water to enter the reactor that turned to steam.

There are 5 levels on this chart and we have been at level 5 (5 being the worst) for days now.
Here is a link to the monitoring site.

Update: Eureka just (as of 4:30 pm today) dropped to Radcon 3 level for the first time in days. I hope this means better readings going forward. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

According To This Chart, Things Are Pretty Hot In Eureka
I got some information from a friend who said this:
Hi Thomas
I saw your recent blog update.
You might be interested in the attached data.
From the federal EPA website
It compares Eureka airborne radiation readings
from this week in 2010 vs 2013
(they blow air thru a filter and capture any hot particles,
generally report readings hourly)
that is, the attached graphs show readings pre fuku vs today
You can see, 3 yrs ago we ran around 14 cpm gross beta
Now we are running around 140 cpm (recently hit a high of
173 cpm)
 That is, we are running 10 times more radioactive particles
in our air than pre Fuku.
Yes, things started particularly heating up around 12/25
and has been sustained hot like I have not seen before.
All this data coming straight from the Eureka EPA public radnet site.

News From Fukushima Reports Of Steam Rising From Reactor 3

A new report of steam rising from Fukushima Reactor 3 starting on Christmas Eve has some dire stories. Here is something from crooks and liars.

Here is another referencing a Turner Radio Network
These above link references Eureka Ca.

As a radio guy I can't vouch for Turner Radio Network but there are other stories as well about new steam and some scary stuff. I can't say if we should all be scared and buying plastic and duck tape and if the story is true it is possibly already too late to avoid exposure. Whether or not this is true, there is this video from a guy with a Geiger counter walking to the ocean near San Francisco.
Update: 1-6-2014 RT TV says officials reject concerns over 500% radiation rate increase on California Beach.
Here is a cool website that just shows the animation of the Jet Stream as it is forecast for the next 5 days.

Let the debunking begin, I hope.

US Senator Joe Liberman, WTC 7 Did Not Occur