Monday, January 6, 2014

A Forbes Contributor Says Blue Fin Tuna Is Safer Than A Banana

Tim Worstall writing for has released a story with a study that shows that a serving of Pacific Blue Fin Tuna contain less radioactive isotopes than a an entire banana. It should be noted that this information was collected over a year ago so take it with a grain of sea salt.

This is good to know. Sushi eaters rejoice. The fish may be safer than the seaweed that it is wrapped in.
This still doesn't mean that Salmon or local fish and crab are safe but it doesn't meant they aren't either. I had local fish on Friday and Shrimp from the waters of Thailand last night. I was betting that the Thai shrimp was safer than the shrimp from the gulf which was my other choice. The gulf shrimp are swimming in oil and corexit residues so I went for the Pacific Shrimp. Sure I was gambling one shrimp being better than another with limited information. We all have to make choices and the better informed we are, the better choices we are able to make. So with that spirit, I pass along this good news about one single species of fish.


  1. 15 out of 15 Blue Fin Tuna tested positive for Fukushima radiation in California.

  2. As everyone knows bananas are high in potassium a form of natural occurring radiation(nuclear industry always uses the banana equivalency* )but the tuna and the Pacific Ocean species are carrying/bioaccumulating isotopes from fukushima which include but are not limited to cesium 137 ,cesium 134 this is man made radiation.people must also keep in mind there has been no testing for alpha radiation which includes plutonium 239 it has been released from Fukushima** and detected stateside in our air !

  3. Some types of tuna also contain fairly high levels of mercury.

  4. I believe that most big predator fish have accumulations of Mercury these days Fred. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. debunked this myth. They are NOT safe to eat. Radioactive Tuna are real!


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