Friday, January 17, 2014

Airborne Radiation Levels Up Again In Eureka, Worse In San Francisco

According to the website San Francisco is experiencing a Radcon4 level of airborne radiation today. Things are also hot in Eureka according to and the EPA.
From Official EPA Website
 The above chart is Eureka today and the one below is from San Francisco. They are reporting no Beta radiation so that is a glitch but notice the high levels of Gamma radiation.
From The Official EPA Website 
Note that  the charts don't have direct links. You have to go to the site and learn how to navigate it. The site has a place where you select the city and then it crunches numbers and pops up with a graph. For those conspiracy folks that don't trust the government, I include the site that usually backs up the EPA site. If you notice the high gamma rays in San Francisco today and compare them to Eureka's chart you can see that the site reflects one being higher than the other. taken 1-17-2014

There are those that will say that this all no big deal. That stories from 2011 show things to be just fine. I suggest you learn as much as you can about the subject and see for yourself. If  Fukushima were to be remedied today and the radiation leaking from that site were to be turned off, this would be of much less concern. The fact that we have 3 melt downs going on with no end in site should have people concerned.

Notice also that I am not talking about the water. I have no idea what is really going on in the Pacific Ocean so I am not making any claims about that. 


  1. Where is Station ID 5:955 and who is operating it? Only one location and one source? Soon everyone will be carrying a Geiger counter, mine goes crazy whenever a chemo patient enters Ramone's by St. Joe...about the same level as flying at 30,000 feet = a chest x-ray every hour.

  2. You could just zoom in on the map and see for yourself that it's downtown Eureka between 5th and 6th and F & G.

  3. Today things look a lot better for both San Francisco and Eureka. Elevated but not that much.

  4. And S. Remings, I don't know where the EPA monitor (the second source) is located other than within the city of Eureka. Why is it that so many people don't think the EPA even exists? Geeze no wonder there is so much misinformation about this. If you read the story you would see that I even talked about putting up both sources because some people don't believe anything unless it comes from the government and other are just the opposite.

  5. Here is a link to a picture of the EPA numbers of background beta count that shows less than two years ago the level was as low as 7 not 190 CPM as was shown on January 3rd. If you all want to go comparing this change in background levels to mountain climbing, jets, bananas and chest x-rays you can go right on making cute comparisons but stop trying to fool the rest of the world. Numbers are numbers. file:///C:/Users/Owner/AppData/Local/Temp/RadNet7cpmjune2012.htm

  6. S. Remings, thanks for the input and sorry for being a bit grumpy today. I have been considering getting a counter my self but haven't found one with good reviews that I can afford at this moment. Sounds like yours works well if someone comes into your building full of enough radiation to kill someone a it sets it off. What model is it? Also, perhaps you would like to join the network. They charge about 20 bucks to set you up and I would be willing to pay your fee if you are interested. You can find me in Eureka or use my contact email posted on the right column of this blog to contact me in private.

  7. Clearly, my intention was not to belittle Fukushima's meltdown. After 100+ years the public knows little about radiation, or the experiments on citizens perpetrated by industry and government. Ever read The Plutonium Files?? The author said she could never write that book today after G.W. Bush altered the FOIA. Children should not be allowed to fly @ 20-30,000 feet, and chemo patients should sleep alone for awhile.

    I paid $200 in 2004 for a 9 volt, Monitor 4/4EC by S.E. International Inc. Summertown Tn. recommended by a geology prof. @ HSU. Its the size of a handheld 1960 AM transistor radio.I was originally concerned about the metals the Chinese are "recycling" from nuke plants for consumer products. I took it behind the Humb. nuke plant; slightly elevated background...about the same as Target, (probably from all those cement bricks). I will return to the nuke plant after checking for better wind conditions. Background @ home is 100% higher than when I bought it. Once more people start taking theirs shopping, we're going to start being "shocked" by the reports. I guess it makes sense to have a monitoring station along Hwy. 101, esp. with the slower traffic. A satellite is probably taking radio-sensitive photos 24/7, not that it does the public any good. Few people recall the Amnesty International photos of the DRC town of Shinkolobwe where radiation has leeched into the Congo River for 60 years...the photos look like red veins...8 year old's are mining cobalt there for our computers and cell phones while millions of Congolese rarely live past 50 from GI cancer from a short life eating the Congo fish.

    I see you around town, we'll talk.


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