Thursday, January 23, 2014

Another Broken Record For Eureka California

The Official Environmental Protection Agency in Eureka has recorded another record high beta radiation reading  for Eureka on Tuesday.
The previous record high reading was recorded on January 3rd. of 2014 and was 190 Counts Per Minute or CPM. Tuesday's high was 228 Counts Per Minute.

As many will tell you, this new reading is still below U.S. standards what would require any sort of warning or evasive action but it backs up what I have been saying that there is a slow but upward trend. What used to be between 7 and 15 CPM on average is now somewhere around 80 CPM. Today the lowest number recorded as of 12:30 pm was 111 CPM and current reading is 143 CPM.

See for yourself. Go here and enter Eureka in the box near the bottom right and submit. 



    If you are relying on the gov to keep you safe consider they are OK to sell milk with radioactive contamination and the threshold to stop sales is at the point where dairy workers would need special protective gear. It's not based on the drinker's health. A quart and a half at the FDA maximum contaminant level will give you a lifetime's worth of internal radioactive dose, according to the EPA standards for drinking water. See the link and the comments afterward.

  2. Tom with the data on record airborne radioactivity currently hitting Eureka, it's no wonder the media has been focused on the debate whether trace ocean rads is "no" danger. Meanwhile the air we breath has 10-20 times as much radioactive particles as pre fuku. Eventually if it gets too hot in Eureka they will turn off our local monitor data just as the EPA has done for many many cities around the country, you can see that at their site as well.

  3. There are several gaps in their coverage. Many missing days and months. This is from what they are telling us. Makes one wonder what they aren't sharing with the public?

  4. "What used to be between 7 and 15 CPM on average is now somewhere around 80 CPM."

    I briefly reviewed the EPA site and could not find this, nor could I find a reference to what's considered a normal, safe or acceptable range. The public will need a lot more information, routinely repeated, to better understand this issue and this site.

  5. S. Remings,
    The site is run by the government so it isn't the easiest to navigate and understand. The information is there though and the numbers speak for themselves. If you can figure out how to use the site, get the charts and compare older ones to recent ones you will see the constant increase in levels.

  6. S. Remings, for some areas, normal background might be about what we are getting in the above 100 or 200 CPM range here in Eureka. All one can go by is the history of the area. I was told that if the background levels elevate to a raised level and sustain that for long enough, that new level becomes the new normal. It this is true, it is even more important to take notice of the information we have currently at hand so that we may compare that to what it is next year and the year after.

  7. Up here in Brookings the old pre Fuka level was 18 CPM. The new average is 32 CPM. Last rain we had was 52 to 174 CPM. Using an Inspector Plus detector.

  8. Tuesday into Wednesday there was frost overnight, first time in awhile, completely melted by 9am. Beta particles cooling localized areas in severely dry conditions.

  9. Here are some ten minute counts from Brookings Oregon during the last rain event

    Jan 8th 2014, 11 AM (10 minute counts)

    Dry Paper Towel 30.6 CPM Close to the "new" background.
    Harbor City Water from Chetco River on same paper towel 33.6 CPM

    Rainwater on a paper towel @ 255 PM after going to post office and using windshield wipers
    "should be clean new rain", 1573 counts or 157.3 CPM
    Rainwater off truck canopy Dirty back window on paper towel 140.70 CPM (1470 in 10 minutes)
    Rainwater off another dirty truck back window on paper towel 52.8 CPM @ 245 PM
    Rainwater off back window of motorhome @ 320 PM 34.1 CPM
    Rainwater off Greenhouse poly roof @ 330 PM 80.8 CPM
    Rainwater off truck windshield that read 157.3 CPM @ 255 PM, new rain deposit 45.9 CPM

    Jan 7th 2014
    Paper Towel Windshield wipe off clean windshield at 510 PM reads 844 counts total IE 84.4 CPM,
    Recount same towel, different location on towel 75.5 CPM @ 520 PM
    New towel windshield wipe @ 530 PM is 53.2 CPM
    New towel windshield wipe @ 540 PM is 62.9 CPM

    Paper towel off the windshield from the first drops of rain @ 2 PM 44.6 CPM
    31 CPM inside building @ 2 PM where towel was tested

    All are Average of 10 minute counts,
    Inspector Plus detector
    Brookings OR

    1. Thanks that is interesting data. FYI the EPA monitor draws air through a filter to capture particles and takes a reading for each hour (and change the filter). It's been recommended that amateurs can set up a HEPA air filter and put your counter on a
      filter for a similar test. Otherwise the hot particles can be present but largely undetected unless one lands on your machine. By the way, your lungs would similarly trap particles in the air we breathe. So this is a legit way to estimate your actual airborne exposure.

  10. hurr derrr obviously coming from the contrails. strap on the tin foil hats ladies and gentlemen: it's gonna be a fun ride down to delusional paranoia town!

  11. Anonymous January 26, 2-14 at 4:11 pm, I reserve the right to just blow you up. If you have nothing real to add, why don't you just go back to entertainment tonight or what ever sports blog you frequent? I think Duck Dynasty is on that should keep you busy for a while.

    1. Thank you for the suggestions but I prefer NOVA and Nature on PBS. You should give them a try sometime. Fill your head with actual scientific understanding instead of this nonsense you spew. It's pretty entertaining though, I can get my nutjob fix right here without ever turning on the TV! You're nutty enough to probably make a pretty great reality show star. You should get working on a pilot episode.

  12. Jan 27 5 PM Brookings OR
    it started drizzling here a couple of hours ago
    ten minute averages of windshield collected rain on paper towel
    same towel measured 3 times

    47.2 CPM
    52.4 CPM
    46.6 CPM

    background inside is 31.6

    Jan 29th 11 AM
    today's readings 10 minute averages inspector plus
    Background 29.4 CPM
    Wood ash from local Alder wood 98.6 CPM

    It is becomeing clear that the first bit of rain is usually the hottest then it washes down in CPMs as the rain continues.

    I found a good article on how to protect your garden,
    "Dairy Farmers fight radiation with Boron"

    And a great lecture on the dangers of cesium with data from Chernoble
    "The Implications of Massive Radiation Contamination of Japan with Radioactive Cesium"
    HD, 21 min 10 sec, in English Helen Caldicott Foundation "Symposium"
    The Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident
    Co-Sponsored by Physicians for Social Responsibility
    March 11th & 12th, 2013

  13. Today, 2-11-14,
    the beta background level at EPA Eureka Ca. was reading 11.0 CPM. It has been pretty low for about a week with occasionally high (80. to around 100. CPM) spikes but overall a good time for rain.

  14. Interesting Information about Boron & Health below,

    But 1st let me tell you about a conversation I had with my neighbor, a local farmer.
    His family farm has been conducting soil & plant tests for decades & they routinely apply those elements the tests show are low, to their field plantings. They have noted that the plants respond and seem to fight off disease and insects better. In their last round of testing the Boron levels were lower than expected, even though we have been in a drought, and they have been keeping their boron levels up. The question is, "Is Boron being used up more than normal due to the increase of radionuclides falling on the farm?" Good Question.

    Remember that in the aftermath of Chernoble, the Russians dumped tons of Boron into the smoldering remains. Boron is a "moderator" which can quench reactions.

    This was just sent to me this morning,
    Health Effects of Boron

    {snippit} boron is for the parathyroids what iodine is for the thyroid. Boron deficiency causes the parathyroids to become overactive, releasing too much parathyroid hormone which raises the blood level of calcium by releasing calcium from bones and teeth. This then leads to osteoarthritis and other forms of arthritis, osteoporosis and tooth decay. With advancing age high blood levels of calcium lead to calcification of soft tissues causing muscle contractions and stiffness; calcification of endocrine glands, especially the pineal gland and the ovaries; arteriosclerosis, kidney stones, and calcification of the kidneys ultimately leading to kidney failure.

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