Sunday, January 26, 2014

Goat Corral Pre-Grand Opening

It started last weekend, the 150' plus fence installation around the perimeter. That was a lot of fencing. We have finally created a pen or corral for the goats and although it keeps them contained and from eating the patio furniture, it is far from done. We have the goat shelter to construct, the electric fence trim and possibly a small chicken coop.

The ducks started laying again this week too, if you look close the 3 eggs on the bottom have a green hue to them. They are both Mallards but only one of them lays greenish eggs. The ducks are wanting some rain but the rest of us enjoying the great outdoors. Juneuary continues in robust fashion here on the North Coast. Just another beautiful day in paradise.
We had enough fencing to fence the garden off too. Hopefully we will get that started next month.

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