Thursday, January 9, 2014

Infowars Comes To Town With A Geiger Counter

The newsy arm of the Alex Jones Show, Infowars came to town today.  A Youtube video shows their crew in Northern California taking radiation readings from their trip that took in parts south of San Francisco and ended up at Gill's By The Bay and the PG&E decommissioned nuclear power plant just across the freeway from the radio stations where I work in Eureka. From here they were said to be heading north.
They were intrigued by the high radiation readings being reported by the EPA and private people with Geiger counters since December of last year. The highest reported reading ever reported by the EPA in Eureka Ca. happened on January 3rd. of this year 2014. That number for those keeping track was 190 CPM or counts per minute. You can see the chart with the beta and gamma numbers at the link. I would embed the link but something keeps stopping those from working properly on my blog .

I have only been tracking the elevated readings since about the 30th of December last year and today is the first day this year that numbers showed normal background readings in Eureka.
 So it was because of this that I found it ironic that the guys from Infowars came to Eureka today while their home base of Austen Texas was under a Radcon4 level which is just one level short of an Alert.

For what it's worth, below is a short video they posted while exploring the Redwood Coast with their radiation detector.

If you want to see data and links see my previous posts. 
If you want to go to a site with intelligent minds discussing this stuff you might want to take a look at this.

Here is an excerpt from a discussion at of people trying to figure out why fish and animals are disappearing or beaching themselves that is going on there. I find it fascinating.

  • gottagetoffthegrid
    I've been thinking that this is a mass undersea panic. You see the the giant plume of radiation is just off shore and seems to be pushing them onshore.
    But why? You can't feel low level radiation. No, HUMANS can't feel radiation.
    What exactly *is* this radiation? It's primarily beta radiation, that's right electrons. We build "curtains" with electric charges to keep fish out of water intakes, Etc. and its not a massive voltage. so why wouldn't these sea creatures run from a moving plume of massive electric charge? They use strong beta isotopes to power space probes as batteries.
    These creatures can feel this hell coming. That's my thinking for what it's worth.

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    • Kassandra
      Very interesting hypothesis

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      • gottagetoffthegrid
        All those Bq per cubic meter are really electrons per second.
        A static shock from a door knob hurts and it is measured in nano amps (1 billionth of an amp).
        1 amp is 6000 peta electrons per second ( 6 billion billion electrons)
        It seems to add up: billions of cubic meters of water at 100s of Bq per cubic metre. This plume could be producing profound discomfort at the boundary where the charge gradient is maximum. Sort of an event horizon–just no blck hole.

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        • gottagetoffthegrid
          Further, as a self generating charge, the centre of the plume would have little charge gradient, so the charge cloud could build in intensity– only at the edge would there be significant current.
          Poor creatures. Tazered onto dry land to die.

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