Saturday, January 11, 2014

Little River Lagoon State Beach?

Or perhaps it could be called Moonstone Lagoon. I like both. Little River Lagoon State Beach sounds more official for some reason.

It seems that a combination of a lack of big surf and winter storms, low flows on Little River and how all that affects sand movements have sort of created a new lagoon. What once was only full at high tide or raging floods, is now a quiet still lagoon, perfect for wind surfing when there is wind, paddle boarding for beginners and mellow kayaking.

We are getting some nice rains today on the north coast so maybe the Little River that could can find a way to break through Moonstone Beach with some true force and determination. Until then, there is another great spot to take kids out on the water without having to worry about sharks and waves.

My old kayak launching spot was about 30 or more feet past the bottom of the stairs and there was a nice beach area to the left (see photo above this one) that is now all water.
As with all lagoons along the North Coast, levels change without notice so enjoy this one while it exists. There is a spot that looks like a lake right now that I used to have to get out of the kayak and drag it over in the past if I missed the tide. Not so for the past few weeks.

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