Thursday, January 9, 2014

Squidzilla Washes Up On Santa Monica Beach

I found this hard to believe but there are several reports. This one from
Is this a side effect of radiation from Fukushima? Some are suggesting that this is caused by radioactive gigantism. Maybe there have always been squid this big but until now they have never wanted to leave the ocean?
I'm going with this being a hoax. The report references a college that doesn't exist and there are other inconsistencies. Great picture though. 


  1. I called a friend of mine that lives in Santa Monica and he said that he heard nothing about this. He is not a big news buff but I would think everyone there would be talking about this if it were real. It is probably a hoax.

  2. It's a photo collage... the squid was from Spain
    and someone trimmed the photo out and added it to the image of the beachgoers.

  3. No so much!! look, here is the big detail!

    Look into those two uniquest safeguard in the picture, got it?

    Ok, see with focus to the safeguard located in the left size of your screen. Now you can see the big photoshop proof. Lol


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