Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Teachers Picket In McKinleyville

It was over a month ago that teachers and the school district in McKinleyville came to an empasse over contract negotiations. According to the Times-Standard newspaper:

Teachers are asking for one of two options: a 5 percent salary increase to the 2013-2014 salary schedule that's retroactive to July 1, or a 3 percent raise if the health and welfare contribution cap increases from $11,000 to $12,750. The association also is asking for two more discretionary days off.

”The rationale is we haven't received any cost of living raise in five years; we're into the sixth year now,” Meng said. “There were a lot of budget cuts to the state. We tried to be considerate to the district because we knew they had their budget cut by the state, so we didn't ask for anything for five years. Now that funding has returned to the district, we're asking for a raise.”

Teachers took to the foggy streets this morning with picket signs on Central Avenue and Railroad Avenue in front of McKinleyville Middle School to draw attention to the lack of a new contract. 


  1. Government priorities: hundreds of millions of dollars in highly protested and redundant freeway "improvement" projects get the green light while funds for school busses, teacher salary increases, post offices etc. are slashed.

  2. What are they paid now? Are they underpaid?


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