Thursday, February 27, 2014

GMO's Verses Organic Agriculture, Which Is Better For The Planet?

An Op Ed in this weeks Mad River Union Newspaper written by Editor Kevin Hoover with help from HSU's President and Genetics Expert Rollin Richmond touts the benefits of GMO's. The full page Op Ed  titled "Everything you know about GMO's is probably wrong" also points out the hysteria and belief of some that GMO's are not safe or are in some way bad for the environment. I'm not really here to say that GMO's are good or bad but to point out that one of their arguments that splicing genes is the same as hybridizing and has been going on for thousands of years is misleading. While that statement is partially true, the fact that genes from animals can and are being spliced into plants and vice versa is an new phenomenon.
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Another point to be made about GMO's verses Organic or all natural (the Op Ed goes after the all natural marketing saying that asbestos, volcanoes and cleft palates are all natural which is true) is which one is better for the planet?

A new study that you can read about at Common touts the benefits of Organic Agriculture verses mono culture and big agra that include GMO farming shows how Organic farming can be used to off set or combat global climate change. This article doesn't go into any of the hysteria or make any claims about the safety of GMO's but it does offer solutions to climate change that begin with changing the way we grow our food. The article points out that industrial agriculture is responsible for up to 50 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions.

Read the study for yourself here.  


  1. One thing people are not taking into account with genetically modified organisms, is the fact they can be and are patented and protected by copyright law. When you buy seed from one of these companies you are buying something that you can not legally reproduce yourself. There have been several lawsuits pertaining to this issue and they have all favored the copyright holder over the farmer. This is where the real threat to all of humankind comes into play. Should a multinational corporation with billions of dollars be allowed to gain control of the world's food supply?

  2. This summary and that comment are loaded with false choices. There isn't any particular conflict between biotech and organic, and both will continue to be used for the overall betterment of agriculture.

  3. Plantimals. If you don't mind a little plant in your animal or a little animal in your plant.


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