Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Humboldt County 211 Free Phone Service Turns One Year Old - Help Is Just A Phone Call Away

February 11, is National “211” Day! 

February 11, 2014 marks the one-year anniversary of “211 Humboldt” when Humboldt County residents gained access to free, confidential information and referral services throughout Humboldt County.

“211”is an easy to remember number that connects Humboldt County residents to appropriate health and human services.  You can access 211 with your cell phone, land line phone, and even access 211 free from any pay phone.
The number of people using “211” has exponentially increased.  In December 2013, “211” received 629  calls and in January 2014 received 842 calls from Humboldt  You can reach a live 211 Call Specialist  by simply calling 211 or 707.441-1001 or call the toll free line at 877.460.6000.  “211” service is also available online @ http://211humboldt.org.

You can call “211” to find resources for basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, childcare, as well as physical and mental health resources, employment support, resources for seniors and people with disabilities, assistance with immigration and more.  You can call about volunteer opportunities, as well as donation opportunities.

You can read the Press Release Here

During a crisis such as a major earthquake or tsunami the 211 service should be the first place people in Humboldt, Del Norte and the Wine Country call for information on services such as food, transportation, shelter and public health. 211 coordinates with 911 to help reduce misdirected calls. This helps free up 911 for absolute emergencies. 

Local partners and community supporters for the 211 system include: First 5 Humboldt, Humboldt County DHHS, McLean Foundation, Arcata House Partnership through HUD Housing, Humboldt Network of Family Resource Centers, Humboldt Area Foundation, IRS and Unite Way.

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