Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Since We're Having Weather Again

It's raining tonight as I write this. It is a warm friendly sound as it hits the fiberglass roof of my porch. It's not really cold, 53 degrees, but I have a fire anyway. It's times like this that I enjoy being inside and checking out the computer.  Things are nice and wet around here and I wish I could say that for the rest of the state and parts south east of here. If you want to track the real rain we are getting to see if it's on its way to you check out my favorite website for weather radar, Intellicast. Of course I go to the National Weather Service for forecasts but I really like the google earth style map built in to the Intellicast site. If you turn the opacity down to zero you can remove the rain clouds and see the terrain quite well. Of course you can't see the rain on the radar then but you get some great pictures.

Below is a shot of Yosemite that I took today. For being just an electronic picture, I can really feel the depth and height represented by the walls around the valley. Notice the water fall in the center left.

This next one is where I call home. I was noticing the clear cuts from the logging being done by Green Diamond Resource Company. You can fly over miles and miles of forest and see the same thing. The small white spot shaped a bit like a rabbit at the top center is about where Strawberry Rock should be and the big white spot shaped like a turtle near town is the rock quarry.  You can zoom in a bit closer with google earth but this doesn't require a special download and it has good clear images. This is not zoomed all the way in as you can see from the fader on the left. Intellicast isn't paying me to write this and I hope they will let me keep this images up for an example of what their web site can do other than weather. Check it out for yourself and see where it takes you. It's also a great site for weather!

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