Saturday, February 15, 2014

Storm Moves Through Humboldt County, Time For Some Pictures

We actually got real rain with some of the latest storms that have pounded the north coast here over the past week or so. Below is a video from the National Weather Service in Eureka. It was taken today in their parking lot on Woodly Island in Humboldt Bay.

After the heavy rain moved through, the sun came out in places.

 A view of the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean. Taken at Murry Rd. and the Hammond Trail in McKinleyville Ca. The body of water in the foreground is the Mad River. A sand spit divides the river from the ocean.

 The trail is actually paved for the entire distance going from Clam Beach to Arcata. Plans are in the works to extend the trail over the Little River and up to Trinidad. The portion  below is actually just a gravel spur that goes up to near the mouth of the Mad River. It is a right turn along an old coastal railroad bed that goes north toward Clam Beach from the intersection in the above picture. There is a camp ground right on the beach at Clam Beach that offers a few tent sites with picnic tables and fire rings.
 About 10 mile north of the above pictures is Trinidad Ca.  These pictures are of the Seascape Restaurant and the Trinidad Pier. Seacape offers great  views of the pier and bay to diners and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Its also a great place to enjoy libations while taking in the stormy weather. Dinners are a little pricey but breakfast wont set you back too much.

The Trinidad Pier was rebuilt last year in a project that included new waste water facilities, public restrooms, new fishing equipment on the pier and a completely rebuilt concrete pier built over the old creosote soaked wooden structure. After the new one was finished, the old one was dismantled. The pier serves a small fleet of commercial crab boats.

There is also a boat launch  that lifts your boat off your trailer and places it on a cart that is lowered down a set of tracks safely into the bay, There are also chartered fishing vessels available as well as a small strip of beach in the bay side that one can launch small boats or kayaks from and you can drive right onto it with your 4 wheel drive vehicle.

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