Thursday, March 27, 2014

Is Humboldt's Pot Crop Growing In Radiated Soil? And More...

No! Not The Weed Dude! Now that I have your attention, read this.

Is Humboldt's pot crop growing in soil that contains Cesum 137 and 134? That's just one of the questions asked and answered in this long and extensive article about Fukushima radiation and all the bull shit that has been said about the subject. Is eating some bananas the same as Plutonium and Strontium 90? No. What is the normal background beta radiation in a jet at 36 thousand feet over the US mainland? Did radioactive rain fall in Death Valley California? Can we avoid Fukushima radiation by moving away from the ocean?

All of that and some information showing that even I have bought into some of the lies to placate the general population about the worst ecological disaster in modern times. My last post only scratches the surface of what is actually taking place according to Michael Collins at If you don't want to educate yourself on this subject, don't bother reading this article called "The Perfect Crime".


  1. you really expect people to read all that bullshit?

  2. Anonymous response was the only bullshit I read. Chicken shit pot shots from behind a faceless account takes SO much effort. I find it curious that this person didn't even stick to issue and focused on the seemingly short attention span of the average reader. ( And I use the term READER rather loosely)

  3. "Educate yourself" indeed. There's a lot of material there at that guy's site -- but where else do you find anything about the radioactive debris from Japan?

    It has long amazed me that we're downwind of Fukushima, there are THREE Chernobyl-grade meltdowns there, the situation hasn't been stabilized at all, and no one in the press is talking about it.


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