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Navy Sailors Sue Government For Being Exposed To 1/3 More Radiation Than Found Some Days In Eureka.

So now that the ocean plume of radioactive water is expected to be here if not now, any day now, I thought I would do an update on the subject as well as past and current air monitoring with some background and a couple of new revelations.

In early January of this year 2014 when I arrived back in Humboldt County from a visit to So Cal for the holidays, the area was being bathed in beta radiation, some samples showed about 20 times more than normal background levels. This is according to the EPA's own website that shows air monitoring results for Eureka Ca. among other places.
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The chart below shows a graph ( not my favorite type of graph but that's what I have). It shows the radiation levels after Fukushima blew up and spread hot particles around the globe followed by a constant release of radiation of several types into both the air and water of Japan. You can see that the levels never went above 50 Counts Per Minute. Average background looks to be around 10 CPM.
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 The air gets mixed quickly and the jet stream can move this stuff around and dilute it as it travels across the globe. Since most of this is heavy, it is believed that it falls to the ground or ocean before it gets too far around the globe.

The water gets mixed much slower and projections done by the weather channel, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution show that 3 years after the fact, that plume of radiation in the Pacific Ocean should be hitting the west coast of North America about now.  Know that the US Government isn't currently doing any testing of the ocean here on the west coast. There are private tests going on including those with volunteers working with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Back to the air and jet stream. The Polar Vortex, as it has been called by meteorologists that took hold over the east coast of the US this winter was caused by a lazy jet stream. In the past the jet stream would move and meander a lot more that it did recently this winter. That slow jet stream left the Pacific Ocean without it's traditional windy winter storms for the past couple of years. This last summer in June as I recall, Fukushima experienced an event where steam was released and it happened again around Christmas 2013. In fact, does not dispute an article that says that reactor #3 at Fukushima has been steaming since shortly after the earthquake 3 years ago.  With little influence from the jet stream, I believe that this radioactive steam, might have made it high enough into the atmosphere to slowly drift over the ocean all the way to Eureka and parts of the west coast this which gave us the numbers we saw on the EPA charts at their website.  So if we were getting over 200 counts per minute at times and I saw some in February as high as 230 CPM then Eureka was about 2/3 the level that the USS Ronald Reagan was when the sailors were exposed. I base my hypothesis on the normal background levels in Eureka of about 10 CPM.

Below is a short video from Mike Sebourn (no relation)*, and other sailors on the USS Ronald Reagan that are having sudden illnesses they claim is caused by being exposed.

 *Mike Sebourn is almost certain a distant relative of mine since the spelling of his last name is identical.

Below is a chart from March 20th 2014 that shows that over the past couple of days the background beta CPM fluctuates between around 10 and 50 CPM. Sometimes it hits over 100 and my neighbor which is a former fire fighter and EMT said that anything over 100 is too much to be exposed to for any length of time. I also don't know what the normal beta background level of a navy ship at sea is but if it were anchored in the bay near Eureka, it would be around 10 CPM, on a good day. I assume that being on the coast we shouldn't be any lower than a ship at sea so they must have been exposed to somewhere near 300 CPM to be 30 times over normal.

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It is my hope that our exposure and continued exposure in Eureka doesn't lead to health problems like what the sailors on that ship are experiencing. It is something to be looked into though. The numbers are what they are. What dose of exploded nuclear power plant exposure is safe to plants, fish and animals?
The story claims 30 times normal radiataion is causing serious health affects but Lt. Greg Raelson reassures us:

Democracy Now! invited a member of the Navy to join us on the show, but they declined. However, Lieutenant Greg Raelson of the Navy’s Office did speak to us briefly, saying servicemembers who participated in Operation Tomodachi, the Fukushima relief effort, were not at risk of radiation poisoning.

LT. GREG RAELSON: There’s no indication that any U.S. personnel supporting Operation Tomodachi experienced radiation exposure at levels associated with the occurrence of long-term health effects. The tri-service dose assessment and registry working group studied the available data. And their report, which was peer-reviewed by a non-government counsel of subject matter experts, determined that the highest whole-body dose to any crew member doesn’t present any risk greater than normally accepted during everyday life.
USS Ronald Reagan
 Here is an interesting video:
An evacuee from Fukushima spoke on March 10th at a public meeting of the House of Commons in England. He described some of the falsehoods being told to the locals there and how TEPCO believes that when the hot particles left the building, (after the explosions shortly after the earth quake), they magically became property of the Cold War and not Tokyo Electric Power Company or TEPCO.

From what I can deduce, it seems that a lot more airborne radiation could be hitting the west coast of the US but it is being sequestered into the Pacific Ocean and is being put there non stop, 24/7. This is now arriving and the first measurements should be weak. They will get stronger in time though and will only start to level out, three years after they stop pouring radioactive water into the Pacific from Japan. Problem is, no one on the planet has any idea of when or even if that will ever take place.

I think that our government should be taking steps to help keep it's citizens out of harms way. They are acting like there is no harm for them to keep us from. Oh sure, they test the air but did you see any real news outlets giving you the numbers like I did? No. You didn't. They wouldn't even read the EPA's own web site and report accurately on it. Have you seen any Public Service Announcements from the Ad Council or anyone else about how to keep your children safe from radiation? No.

My reporting was ridiculed and mocked as if I was only doing it to scare people or sell something. Well this blog doesn't sell ads and I live on the west coast so I really don't have a motive to scare people.  And as long as the government doesn't test the waters, they won't find anything to make them shut down entire fisheries or scare people by letting them know how they might be less exposed to this invisible, silent slow death that is destroying the planet we live on. We should demand that our government take a lead role in protecting it's citizens. If they are not up to the task, then we need to roll back a whole ship load of anti terrorism laws that have taken away our freedoms.These seems to be less about safety, and a whole lot more about control. More people are killed today in the USA by police than terrorism. We say this police state we live in is for our own safety but the facts say otherwise.

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  1. Thanks for calling attention to these concerns. We are living in strange times.


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