Tuesday, April 1, 2014

3 Out Of 4 Candidates At Trinidad Forum

The League of Women Voters threw a nice forum tonight in Trinidad. 3 of the 4 candidates vying for
the open seat being vacated by District Attorney Paul Gallegos made the trek to Trinidad Town Hall and were pleasantly
greeted by beverages, Hors d' oeuvures and a nice crowd. Candidate Arnie Klein couldn't make it due to the flu. I hope he gets well soon.
 The crowd was encouraged to to write questions on a card and those were used in the forum. I asked if any of them believed that being homeless should be illegal or a crime and why. Allan Dollison, Elan Firpo and Maggie Fleming all said that not only did they not believe that homelessness should not be a crime, all three argued that homeless people were often and disproportionally victims of crime.

I'm going to be producing a forum with, hopefully all 4 candidates for DA for KGOE AM 1480. We will be recording it on April 10th and I would like to invite anyone that lives in Humboldt County to submit questions for us to ask the candidates. You can just leave your questions in the comments section of this blog and I still allow anonymous posts so feel free to ask away.

We have a great bunch of candidates this time around so this race is anything but certain for any of the them. Lucky for us, there are going to be many chances for people to see, read about or hear from the candidates before the June runoff. I assume a runoff but if one candidate get more that 50% of the vote, from what I understand, they could wrap it up early. That just doesn't seem likely with this great bunch of candidates and I'm expecting it to go all the way to November. If I have that part wrong about the way this election will work, straighten me out in the comment section.


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  2. ‪Anonymous‬ said...
    I would ask that all questions be addressed to all candidates so as to avoid just taking a digg at any one candidate.
    Here's a few I've yet hear asked at the other debates:

    Are any of you endorsed by the deputy sheriff's union and/or the EPD union? 
    Are any of you endorsed by the ACLU?
    Are any of taking money for PACs, if so, which ones? 

    What is your position on the night time jail releases and if you want to change the current policy, how would you propose doing that?

    All of you claim to have management experience. Please give us some idea as to approximately the largest number of subordinates you've managed and explain if you hired and were authorized to fire these people, or were you just a supervisor to them?

    4)Knowing what you know now had you been the DA after the Cheri Moore shooting would have indicted the officers who did the shooting for wrongful death, and more significantly, would you have indicted the Chief Douglas, who was the site commander, even with the hide sight that the case against him was ultimately tossed.

    5)Please give us a rough ball park of how many defendants you've sent to prison for marijuana cultivation, both prior to 215 and since, but NOT including anyone who was trespassing, had illegal firearms or had in excess of 1,000. plants. And how would you handle those same cases now if you are the next DA?

    6)Please explain the most significant difference you've experienced prosecuting non violent offenders since re-alignment (AB109) has been in place?

    7) name three improvements to the DA office since Gallegos has been the DA and give at least one example of something he's done that you admire

  3. a question for the DA candidates,
    What does realignment mean and what are you going to do about it?

  4. great questions 3:14pm, we got to some of those but didn't get to many that I would have asked due to time constraints. I think that the 3 questions you asked as #1 should be asked at the next debate. Thanks for sharing.


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