Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Eureka EPA Radnet Radiation Detection System Goes Off Line After Hight Levels Reported

The local Eureka EPA Radnet monitoring station had been giving out hourly readings of Beta background radiation on a regular  basis for as long as I have been monitoring it. That is only days  before New Years day 2014. That's when I discovered the site where we could plug in our city or one near us and get a radiation reading.

That all stopped this afternoon in the 4 pm hour Pacific Time. I reported that the radiation levels in Eureka had jumped from 30 CPM or counts per minutes to 146 CPM. The graph says it was in the end of the 9 pm hour Pacific but you can see when I posted it on my last post here on this blog and it was at 4:27 pm local time. Now it is 10 28 pm Pacific and there are no new numbers to report. Radiation levels are high but we don't know how high because the monitor is off here.

This is bad news. 2/3 of the system is already down and out of order waiting for maintenance that may never arrive. We are now flying blind except for this.

I hope the EPA gets this fixed soon. There is no government testing of the Pacific Ocean and now no readings of the air in Eureka, Sacramento or Bakersfield. Fresno and Anaheim were still working earlier today. You can always keep checking  by going to the Querry Interface link to see if they are back on line.


  1. As of 7 hours later we are back on line in Eureka with much lower levels reported. 28 CPM, 30 and 40 CPM. I don't know what took the site down but if it was maintenance that is one heck of time to do it, when we are getting numbers in the 140 range. We will never know how hot things got or were for that missing 7 hours but you wouldn't even have know about it if not for this little blog.

  2. The following letter went missing from the above comment. The word know should have been followed by the letter n to read "known".

  3. Thank you Thomas. I do not particularly trust the EPA numbers. Look at the Los Angeles monitor, which usually displays zero or less, with occasional spikes. Huh? Combined with the fact that the majority of the sites do not even work anymore. It's obvious EPA is not interested in providing useful info to the public.

    The last time Eureka shut down for several hours, the readings suddenly started coming back at 1/10th the previous intensity. And until yesterday, had not gotten into the 100cpm+ territory for several months, after dwelling in that hot zone for months. So, I would not be surprised if nowadays 12cpm on the Eureka monitor is actually 120cpm.


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