Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Garboligists Rummaging Through Local Trash Bins

A team of garboligists descended on our radio station dumpster this morning. They were a part of a study being conducted by CalRecycle Department of Resources and Recovery.

CalRecycle is conducting a study of the types and amounts of materials in California’s waste and recycling streams. We were randomly selected along with more than 800 other California businesses to be part of the study.

Cal Recycle says they use the information:

  1. Determine where specific material types are originating-and where they’re ending up.
  2. Track our progress in providing Californians the tools necessary to reduce our wastes; and
  3. Identify key opportunities to support Californians in using less, recycling more, and taking resource conservation to higher levels.

Brad Anderson of Sky Valley Associates, one of four companies contracted to do the hands on study said the information they gather is used for the states database which enables cities and counties to be able to plug in types of businesses and depending on the size of the businesses, better determine what amount of what materials to expect to be entering the waste stream.

Businesses in the sample will be asked questions relating to 3 phases of the study:

The first phase is a 15-20 minute phone interview asking general questions about our current trash and recycling services.

The second phase consists of collecting a sample of our waste, which will be sorted at a local waste disposal or processing facility to determine the quantities and types of materials thrown away.

About half of the businesses will participate in the third phase. This will be an onsite survey of  the businesses by one of their specially trained consultants to identify and measure current diversion practices. This may include sorting materials in our recycling or compost bins.

For more information on the program go to


  1. That's actually pretty neat. Measuring the extent of the waste is good.

  2. I wonder if they found any of The Rock and Roll Burlyman's prizes?


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