Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Koch Brothers Exposed

This really is a must see movie from Robert Greenwald. It's only 55 minutes and will open yor eyes to what these billionaires are really up to.


  1. Nothing to see here, Koch Brothers, George Soros, same game,different sides, they both use money to help there side succeed. There are no good guys and no bad guys, just different points of view. I believe you are just shaking the liberal tree trying to get the folks excited, probably to make a buck for yourself. That is shameful and bad journalism.No soup for you.

  2. wouldnt waste a minute watching liberal propoganda, If it was a true journalist movie who exposed both sides. Soros is 100 fold worse the the koch brother. liberals always hate succsesful american business men and women.Why not an article on the libs being in power for 6 years and have changed nothing. They passed healthcare without one republican vote and the republicans couldnt stop them. so they could have passed any tax reform, election reform anything. instead they did a more criminal crime then nixon illegally recording all of america , reporters and all opposite oppions. Used irs and justice department as personel henchmen against anyone who dared decent from there liberal/marxist policies. Lying to public about whats to come in obomacare as soon as election is over. if obamacare wasnt about to cut 30 million workplace insurence plans then obama wouldnt have delayed 26 parts of obamacare till after the election. americans should be very scared about is so bad in the these delayed till after elections parts of obamacare.if the president didnt know what he is delaying was going to cripple healthcare then he would be delaying till after election. The delays speak very loud and reaosn to delay something unless it was to cripple healthcare as we know it.

  3. George Soros? Who said anything about George Soros? This is a movie about the Koch Brothers. And I don't make a penny off of my blog you anonymous troll.


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