Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Link To The Query Tool For EPA Radnet Air Monitors

For some reason, the EPA Radnet website does not make it easy to find the query tool so that you can plug in the town nearest you see what comes up. For those of you that haven't been following the blog, we have been talking about background radiation levels here on the west coast of California.

I have been showing screen shots of graphs generated from this site. The higher the beta number the higher the background radiation being measured on a filter with air blowing over it. This is the official government site for this sort of air testing around the country.

In light of the Fukushima melt downs and myself being down wind from the continuing meltdowns I have done some stories about what we know, think we know and what we don't know about the subject. I have posted links before but they were always a page or two back and some people said it was hard to figure out what to do from there so here it is.


 This link takes you to a stage of the site where you bypass the BS and get right to the testing,  I have already selected Beta Gross Count Rate and use 5 for Gamma energy range. I'm not looking at Gamma rays so if you are looking for a specific range use that instead. I just use 5 because I always have so things look consistent.

Now you have to select the date range and city/state choice and hit submit button at center bottom of page.

Empty columns of  0's everywhere indicate that site is off line or down for the time being. Only about a third of the sites scattered around the country still have operating monitors. 

 To get an idea of what your normal background levels are where you're at, you have to look at several weeks and see the lowest numbers, usually not much lower than a 7 or 10 CPM Beta. We measured over 200 CPM here in Eureka back in February as I recall.

 To toggle from town to town, just click the back page arrow one page and you can plug the next town in. Enjoy! Or not. Share the link while some of this stuff is still working.

Nothing in this story addresses radiation levels in fish or the Pacific Ocean.  That is another story. It is an important story since there is no US Government monitoring of the waters off our west coast.
More on that later.

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