Thursday, May 8, 2014

Here are the latest radiation reports for the Pacific Ocean.

As promised, I said I would share the numbers when they came in from those volunteers testing the Pacific Ocean for radiation related to Fukushima. I have mostly focused on air monitoring since that's the only monitoring the US Government is conducting. There are others though that have taken it upon themselves to find out what is going on in the ocean.

The folks at Kelpwatch Berkely are testing sea kelp at 44 locations in the Pacific Ocean for cesium.
Here are the latest findings.

At the same time, volunteers have been sending in their west coast samples of water to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. This is an all volunteer effort led by Ken Buesseler.
Here are their latest findings and numbers.

From what I can see, the ocean is doing a good job of dispersing the tones of radioactive water pouring over the melted core (or cores) in Fukushima and into the Pacific Ocean. Since our government doesn't see any need to test the waters for radiation, this volunteer effort is all we have to go by. Unless or until the Japanese are able to stop the unmitigated flow of radioactivity into our air and ocean, these numbers will continue to climb. According to projections, the radioactive water plume is just now starting to arrive along the west coast. Keep these links on hand to track and see how things are going as time unfolds.

For now, it looks like the ocean and it's spray are not as dangerous as some may have thought. I will be going out in my kayak this summer and will still eat local fish ( not salmon or long distance fish like Blue Fin Tuna) but rock fish from the local coastal waters. What you do is up to you as the government doesn't see any reason to test the fish or water for radiation. We do know that radiation shows up in the air because there are still some working EPA air monitors and as recently as April 30th, measured 146 Counts Per Minute of background Beta radiation here in Eureka before going off line for several hours. Normal background is about 7 to 10 CPM. Here is a link to the EPA site where you can plug in your town (if it still has a working monitor) and get the latest results for yourself. 


  1. Cesium is not the only radionuclide getting into our air/ocean/foodchain. They do not test for Plutonium or Strontium which are more dangerous than Cesium, partly because these elements are more difficult to detect, even when they are in fact present. There are about 1200 different radioactive substances getting belched into the environment at Fukushima. That's why they'd like us to only focus on the Cesium data as if that is the end of the story.

  2. Thanks for that information gogord. I was wondering why the were only testing for cesium? Knowing what you know and don't know, would you eat local rock fish?

    1. I have stopped eating seafood. I don't know what is in the rockfish; tho it can be said they were alive. I note that it's been post-Fukushima that the staggering levels of die-offs of sea creatures has become an annual event. Last year one study surveying the ocean floor off southern california found the amount covered by carcasses increased from 2% to 98% . And the whales been acting weird, crowding toward shore. All this dramatically increased post-Fuku. Makes me wonder.

  3. I heard from a friend tonight that knew some people taking samples of Klamath caught Salmon and their test turned up clean with no clicking isotopes. I haven't seen the results or how and what they were testing for myself but this is from a good source. Proceed with caution though.

  4. Gogord, I did get another report from someone in Trinidad that there was a school of whales just off shore of Big Lagoon about 10 days or two weeks ago, and they were being attacked by even more sharks. He said people came into the store and were upset. One person was reported as saying they had to take their kids to the car because they were crying. One whale looked like it had a shark necklace according to the tourist reporting the attack.

    1. Shark attacks of surfers off Hawaii are up like 600% this year.


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