Monday, May 26, 2014

Images From Big Lagoon California Memorial Weekend

My camera is my paint brush. In this case it was my cell phone.
Big Lagoon is about 10 miles north of Trinidad California on US 101. It is a small enclave of secluded homes with a grade school, park and camp ground. The Lagoon is divided from the Pacific Ocean by a narrow spit of sand that occasionally gives way and breaks through. This allows ocean going Steelhead to escape the lagoon or ocean and or return to hunting or spawning grounds depending on which direction they are traveling.
The kid that built this sail canoe said it's more stable than you might think.

Picturesque homes and cabins overlook Big Lagoon and the Pacific Ocean.

Paddle Boarding is all the rage these days. Even on rough days like today. 

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  1. The first and the last two look like old postcards.


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