Thursday, June 5, 2014

Friday is Trinidad Art Nights

See what and where here. Basically its a great night on the town with fun stuff everywhere on the first Friday night of the month. The season is Spring, well into Fall.

Saunder's Plaza East: Music by The Canary and the Vamp, a female duo roaring 20's tin pan alley, wild banshee flapper music. Bring the whole family as there will also be a Kids Fun Time Table. 
Sponsored by: The Lighthouse Grill, Forbes and Associates, Bergeron Winery, and Salty's
 The Lighthouse Grill 355 Main St. - Featured artist Toni Magyar. Pachamama Jewelry. Free  appetizers.
Bergeron Winery 359 Main St. -  Wine Tasting. Art TBA 

Festivities run from 6 to 9 pm. An after hours party goes on through October or so at Ocean Grove just north on Patrick's Point Drive.

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