Monday, July 21, 2014

Westhaven Blackberry Festival This Sunday

The 54th Annual Westhaven Blackberry Festival is this Sunday July 27th. The celebration of the
thorny but delicious berries that love Westhaven and most of the north coast. In fact, the Himalayan
Blackberry is as you might guess by it's name, not native to California but many other varieties are. The University of California says that of the 11 species of Rubis (blackberries) in California, 4 were introduced primarily from Eurasia.

This years festival  just south of Trinidad California, above the Pacific Ocean will take place from 10 am till 6 pm. Come earlier if you don't want to miss out on the pie. In fact this year, on Saturday July 26th, Seniors and Disabled people can pick up their pies and jams a day early between 11 am and 2 pm. Take US 101 to 6th Avenue exit and look for the crowds.

The Westhaven Blackberry Festival is a fund raiser for the Westhaven Volunteer Fire Department. There will be whole blackberry pies, blackberry ice cream sundaes, food, beer, wine, crafts and other booths and live music.

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  1. Hey Did You Hear How the Westhaven Blackberry Pie Customer Experience Was Almost Tainted by Sour Grapes?

    *The following events of this true story were verbally relayed to me by my father, mother and son yesterday.

    Here it is: Once upon a Humboldt Sunday and after attending church and water baptism readiness class, my parents and their grandson journeyed up to Westhaven, in Trinidad, to attend the annual blackberry pie fundraising event. The intention was to purposfully enjoy the day and throw a bit down to support volunteer fireman- Oh, and of course to get hands on some of that infamous Westhaven blackberry pie! 

    Upon arrival at the festival, Mom and Jesse (my beautiful son) took off to slobber over the blackberry jam assortment while Dad stoically took his place in the blackberry pie purchase line. He relaxed to the dred beat of a raggae band and patiently waited as the customers sometimes ordered up to 15 pies at once! He later mentioned to me that he had fleetingly wondered at what kind of freezer space they must have.

    In any case, it eventually became Dad's turn to order and so he requested 3 blackberry pies "please," cuz he initially wanted to be his usual loving, Poppi-like self and hand over a pie to my bros fam, one to Jesse and I and also have one for him and Mom to savor.
    However, the smiling volunteer regretfully informed him that there were only 2 blackberry pies left). It was amazing!
    Dad had unwittingly managed to be The Last Official Blackberry Pie Buyer of 2016!
    However, it was crystal to me that my bro was going to suck it; since jesse (my beautiful son) was physically in Westhaven attendance, we legally had dibs on one of those pies.

    Alas, a ratchety voice from behind Dad inquired of the smiling volunter if:
    "That man was getting both of the last of the pies?" "Why, yes of course dear," was the smiling volunteer's cheerful response. The  woman's face contorted hideously with rage and without warning she spat a shrill "You pig!" at my father's back.

    Everything got quiet and my father observed the previously smiling volunteer's mouth had dropped open and had formed into an almost perfect capital O.

    Feeling uncomfortable, Dad asked the volunteer in a lowish voice, "Is the woman in line directing that at me?" In reply, the volunteers capital O mouth nodded up and down once.
    Once again the air split into a high pitched scream and was accompanied with foot stomping. "You pig!" The woman yelled.

    My father adjusted his hearing aid and quickly managed to swoop up the two beautiful blackberry pies into his arms.Then, half-bowing and smiling largely, showing teeth, he admitted, "Well, when it comes to Westhaven blackberry pies, yup, I am a pig! Yes maim."

    The End.

    P.S. Jesse and I devastated our blackberry pie that very evening.
    P.S.S. I'm defintely attending the festival next year.
    P.S.S..S. You can bake that at 425 degrees.

    Thank You,
    Kristen Evansizer


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