Sunday, August 10, 2014

200 Miles of Pacific Coast Line, Fishermen Only Find 4 Species
These guys say that 50 to 80 species are missing.


  1. This could not possibly have anything to do with Fukushima belching nukes into the ocean nonstop for 3 1/2 years. And even if it is related, just because the ocean creatures are dying off from Fuku, does not meant that this will or has already affected humans. And the fact that we are kept in the dark about recent fuel pool fires at unit 4 and 5 does not mean that powerful interests are trying to keep the scale of this disaster hidden from public awareness. Nothing to see here, go to the mall.

  2. gogord, I can read the sarcasm in your statement. You and I both know that someone is going to come along and say nearly the same thing except that they will be serious about it. Fact is, these are fishermen and not scientists. With that said, it is one eye opening presentation that could use more research and an honest dialogue. Too bad the governments of the world and our press doesn't think that an ocean dying is something that needs to be on peoples minds.


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