Wednesday, August 13, 2014

EPA Radnet Eureka No Longer Reporting Beta Radiation

Last Thursday, August 7th. was the last time the EPA's Eureka Radnet monitor delivered any readings for Beta Radiation in Eureka. Today is day 6 with no Beta information. The query tool was even down for a couple of days but it is back up and you can see it here.
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It is still reporting 0 for background Beta radiation though.

I called the EPA to find out what was up and when the monitor would be fixed. I got passed around from agent to agent and finally someone took my email information and said they would get back to me. I got an email from a Mr. Jones at the EPA yesterday asking me what my original question was. I told them about the meter and he said he would get back to me.

I'm still waiting. I'll update here when ever I get any information about this.

Here's our response. Please attribute to US EPA:
The Eureka site is one of several RadNet sites that are affected by local radiofrequency interference. When the monitor experiences radiofrequency interference, the data do not accurately reflect beta counts at the monitor, therefore, it is not reported.  
Also, the Eureka RadNet monitor continues to collect air filter samples that are sent for detailed laboratory analysis on a regular basis, including gross beta analysis. The most recent results, from June 13, 2014, are available at:

I asked a follow up question to Environmental Protection Agency
  I do have one question. What frequency or frequencies are causing the interference? Do you have any spectrum analysis  plots to identify the offending frequencies?

Here is the answer I got from EPA today.

The answer to the cause of electromagnetic interference is not clearly defined since it varies at each location. EPA still posts gross beta information from the analysis of air filters from our RadNet air monitors on Envirofacts at

At the above site the radiation is no longer counted in counts per minute or CPM.  Everything I had reported in the past was in CPM.

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