Friday, August 29, 2014

The 118th Humboldt County Fair - Some Pictures

The Humboldt County Fair in Ferndale California has been in existence since 1896.

 The old wooden grand stands come complete with human and robotic betting underneath and of course beer and cocktails.

There is still a nice horse racing track that experts call one of the most natural or organic of all the tracks in the country.  The 10 day event still offered 6 days of horse racing and betting. I didn't do so good betting on 3 and 4 to win.

The light house used to house an 1800's Fresnel lens from the Cape Mendocino Lighthouse. The lens was removed from the original location and moved to Ferndale in 1948 where it stayed until it was moved to a museum in 2012. The value of the lens is estimated at about $2-million dollars.

There was a seal exhibit this year and they did a good job posing for pictures, as well as the usual fair fare. Animals, art, plant exhibits, great food, rides and even a zip line.

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