Thursday, September 4, 2014

Local Activist, Blogger and Musician Has Died

Bill Holmes, author of the Highboltage Wordpress Blog, friend and musician passed away on the morning of August the age of 64.

His blog covered everything from the environment, marijuana, equal rights, worker rights and music. Bill had spent his last month in hospice. His close friend Verbena told me that he always had a radio next to him and that his favorite station was KGOE the station I run here in Eureka.

Bill was heavily involved in the local scene and was always there when the local P.A.R.C. office needed donations. He was always willing to play at protests or other gatherings meant to promote peace and equality for all. Bill Holmes will be missed.

There will be a gathering at the Clark Street Plaza soon to celebrate Bill's life. I'll have the information when a date is set. 


  1. I only met him a couple of times but he was obviously a real decent guy . Very sorry to hear of his passing.

  2. Every time I saw Bill he would smile and say to me" have a set," which I would. Bill had a peaceful, energy that would just radiate off of him that made me feel welcome in a room full of strangers. I will miss your smile, your music and your peaceful energy, Bill.

  3. Bill was one of the cleverest and smartest people I've ever met.

    Local politicians could have learned much from his profusion of ideas. He often lamented the common failures by so many good, progressive candidates and issues. He emphasized, (and modeled!), a humbleness absent from the usual "cultist", ego-driven campaigns that resist inclusiveness and the delegation required to build organizations.

    "Persistence and being-right can only get you so far..."

    Thank you for offering advanced notice of a memorial service, there was one I heard about but only 24 hours notice was provided!

  4. Mitch Trachtenberg had some kind words to say in his "My Word" segment in Sunday's Times-Standard Newspaper.

  5. Thanks!

    Eulogies are far more interesting and revealing of their authors, not the subject! Bill's "peaceful and engaging" personality and activism were fueled by a deep and righteous fury that apparently didn't suit Mitch's purpose.

    Despite the accolades, Mitch did attend a Fair Wage meeting were Bill was always present. After about 15 minutes, Mitch became so dissatisfied with progress on a decision that he leaped to the chalkboard to expedite the decision in a display of public mockery I've never witnessed before or since.

    Mitch left afterward and never returned...his "gift" to a great cause.

    RIP Bill.


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