Thursday, October 2, 2014

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Replaced By Glenn Beck on Suddenlink?

If you have tuned in to Comedy Central in the past couple of nights you may have noticed that in Humboldt County it are no longer there. So maybe you went to the internet to find them and they weren't there either?  It seems that Suddenlink the internet service and cable TV provider is in a fight with Viacom which owns MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, TV Land and Comedy Central. According to Suddenlink, Viacom has raised it's rates 50 percent to Suddenlink and other cable TV providers.

So while the two fight it out, we get Glenn Beck's "The Blaze" TV show, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Sprout,  Investigation: Discovery, and something called UP! instead of the above mentioned Viacom shows which includes The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

Oh and if you are a Suddenlink customer, you can't get the Viacom channels streamed on the internet either because Viacom has blocked those too. says you can access the channels through the internet with YouTube, Hulu, Hulu Plus, Amazon, Amazon Prime, iTunes, or other Internet sources.

 According to Suddenlink pays more for ESPN than all 24 Viacom channels put together.


  1. canceled suddenlink...

  2. Who uses a cable company to watch cable TV shows anymore?

    Legal options include a $8 Hulu subscription; stream it to your TV via a Roku box or any 'smart' TV or dvd/Blu-ray players. Or, stream it from the official websites to your browser, and run a video cable out to your TV. Or stream it from your phone or tablet using a Chromecast.

    (Actually, Roku announced it's deploying screen-mirroring functionality to Roku 3 models this week, similar to what the Chromecast does.)

    Suddenlink will soon be an Internet provider who can bundle some cable content to make its Internet service more attractive. Within 5 years it will begin to realize it's no longer a cable company. The rate at which people are cordcutting (canceling cable) is rapidly increasing.

  3. Suddenlink by far is the WORST cable company in Country. The management group in Humboldt County are a professional embarrassment.


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  6. I don't think that Suddenlink is entirely to blame here. Viacom raised it's rates 50% over the last contract. I don't know what the answer is for these two to get along but tonight I spent my time listening to the Angels vs Royals game on the radio. I tried to get it on TV but it is usually found on TBS and tonight TBS is just a dead screen. Must have been part of the Viacom package or something.

  7. I just joined Suddenlink yesterday from ATT. Watched an episode of the Daily Show, and the next one got the viacom message. As much as I like Comedy Central, I'm on Suddenlink's side. A small cable company standing up to a money-grubbing goliath - I'll take the hit and watch my shows on hulu so they don't feel they need to back down. People don't realize the cost is passed onto them in their monthly bill (which would make people angry about Suddenlink if they DID agree to Viacom's terms). For Suddenlink to drop Viacom's channels is one thing. For Viacom to block their online content out of spite- that says it all. I'm with you so far, Suddenlink!


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