Thursday, October 2, 2014

Moonstone Grill At Sunset Over The Pacific

It was a fantastic sunset along the north coast tonight where hazy warm skies created warm friendly look. 
 A couple of humans enjoy the sunset on the bluff above Moonstone Beach California.
 There is very nice restaurant with full bar above Moonstone Beach.
 Lots of fresh seafood and local stuff.

  I think they're Spruce trees.

 Cars leaving the beach parking lot where there are no parking meters.
All this and there is a casino, camping, B&B's, several restaurants, gas and supermarket in the sea side fishing village of Trinidad just up the road. Sometimes I kayak the small stream called Little River seen cutting through the sandy beach. You can canoe or kayak inland for about a mile at high tide and ride the tide back to the parking lot. Except for during the rainy season there isn't much of a current in the river so it's great for a novice paddler.

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