Saturday, November 1, 2014

No On Measure R People Misleading Eureka Voters

The folks over at Measure R Vote NO facebook page seem to be intentionally misleading the public about what and how the measure will affect the workers of Eureka if it passes.

Measure R is an attempt to raise the minimum wage in Eureka to 12 dollars an hour. The measure would not affect every business. Only businesses with more than 15 employees within the  city limits would required to pay the $12.00 minimum wage if it passes.

They have argued that Measure R raises the wage too much, too fast. It's true that when it was originally conceived, the California minimum wage was at a stagnant $8.00 an hour with no plans for our Republican Governor to sign off on any wage increase. It had only gone up $2.25 an hour in an entire decade. That decade turned into 16 years until we got a Democratic Governor willing to sign off on an increase and it went to $9.00 per hour about 4 months ago. In another 14 months it will go up to $10.00.

The folks at Measure R Vote NO facebook are saying that this increase is taking 3 years to complete which they say is reasonable by their timeline, as if July 1st. 2014 to January 1st. 2016 is 3 years time. They have their facts wrong and not just their facts but their math. A year and a half is not 3 years. Based on this one big lie, and all of the other inconsistent so called facts that the No on R folks seem to be basing their arguments on I say don't believe a word from these people.

Don't let these people that can't even do math allow you to be afraid of raising wages at the bottom instead of the top.

I have copied and pasted Shane Brinton's comments that point out some other falsehoods on the Measure R Vote NO page here:

Shane Brinton It is intellectually dishonest of the No on R campaign to use the plight of caregivers as an argument for keeping the minimum wage down. It is important to understand that state law designates the IHSS Public Authority (Board of Supervisors) as the body responsible for setting IHSS pay in Humboldt County. Attempting to shift responsibility to the Fair Wage Folks is a cynical ploy to mislead working class voters.

The Measure R proponents did not exclude caregivers anywhere in the measure. Their intent is for it to cover all large employers. If Measure R passes, I truly hope the Board of Supervisors will honor the intent of the measure. In any case, Measure R will create upward wage pressure, which will ultimately help IHSS workers and other low wage workers throughout the region. As the old saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats.

Lastly, please note that the California United Homecare Workers (CUHW), which represents all IHSS workers in Humboldt County, has endorsed Measure R. The decision was discussed by IHSS workers at a local membership meeting. There was unanimous agreement among those present. Full disclosure: I am an employee of CUHW, which means I actually work for and interact with IHSS workers on a regular basis.

So if you want to get some straight information about Measure R in Eureka, see Yes on Measure R folks here. 


  1. Maybe you should ask a lawyer before you assume Shane Briton is correct about the IHSS workers being covered by Measure R.

  2. It is good Tom you work with IHSS Care Providers and when those you claim to represent do not get the raise, what will you tell them?

    What Shane stated was true CUHW would support the raise. I do not remember he claiming IHSS Care Providers under the State ran IHSS program will get the raise.

  3. You must be working with the No folks, you are saying it is 15 or more employees?

    You must be a source of information.

  4. Tom you accused the No on Measure R of lying about the IHSS employees not being covered by Measure R. You made the accusation, you have a duty to ask County Counsel and then apologize.

    Another lie the Yes on R people are spouting is that the minimum wage in Calif hasn't kept up with inflation. The following is the California minimum wage increases by year and the inflation based current equivalent. Remember California's current minimum wage is $9 per hour.

    Date minimum wage was today adjusted for cost of living

    1-1-08 8.00 8.84
    1-1-07 7.50 8.61
    1-1-02 6.75 8.93
    1-1-01 6.25 8.41
    1-1-98 5.75 8.40
    1-1-97 5.00 7.42
    1-1-96 4.75 7.21

    As you can clearly see the minimum wage has more than kept up for inflation for over the last 18 years.

  5. I do not work for Measure R.

    As I reported, the Measure R Vote NO page says that they were ok with California raising it's wage 2 dollars in 3 years but the fact is, it will be 2 dollars in 18 months. It just went to 9 on July 1st. and goes to 10 on January 1st 2016. I can add.

    Here is what it takes to live in California:

    If you don't like what Shane Brinton has to say about CHUW, take it up with him. He and I are both in the book unlike you Anonymous.

  6. Between 1998 and 2014 the minimum wage went up just over .14 cents per hour each year averaged over that period. This explains why the minimum wage is going to increase much faster now. Corporations and the rich don't want to give up their tax breaks so we have to fund the country from workers and small businesses. I agree that a statewide minimum wage being higher is better than pockets of higher wages like we currently have in California but any push up from the bottom will benefit the state and the state of the economy as a whole in the long run. When people at the bottom have more money, they spend it. See this for more on the cyclical boom and bust cycles in our country and how income inequality fuels the busts. It's a video from Thom Hartmann about his latest book.

  7. Between 1998 and 2014 it went from 5.75 to 9.00 an increase of $3.25 per hour in 15 1/2 years.

    That is 21 cents per hour per year and 60 cents per hour more than the cost of living.

    Another raise to $10 per hour is scheduled for Jan 1, 2016 raising the total increase to $4.25 per hour or an average of 25 cents per hour and pushing the total to almost 80 cents higher than the cost of living.

  8. Facts, if that is your real name, you have just restated what I said but took it forward to the future. The facts don't change. Between 1998 and 2014 the hourly gain in minimum wage was .14 cents per hour. I said it would be going up at a much more rapid rate because it was held down for so long. Get ready because it is cyclical. Of course you saw the video from Thom Haremann and couldn't refute any of it. Here is something else you can't refute from the New York Times:


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