Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Time To Raise The Minimum Wage In Humbodlt County

So, now that Measure R has been defeated in Eureka, it's time to move forward with John Fullerton's plan. I think it needs tweaking but if a CPA like Fullerton is behind this, we should be able to get the entire county behind it too. This is from his facebook page.

John Fullerton
October 20 at 12:52pm ·

Measure R (the minimum wage increase measure for Eureka) is a job killer and must be defeated. Some people said "you can't just say no, what is your plan" So the following is my plan for an increase that won't cost jobs or cause a serious and sudden disruption to Eureka's economy.

1) My plan would be for the whole county and not discriminate against any one

2) There would be TWO rates. The lower one would be California's mandated
rate of $9 per hour. Our lower rate would be for the following groups:
- Workers under 21. This will help them get their first job in life.
- Tipped employees like waiters & waitresses. They make more from their
tips than they do from their hourly wages.
- People in their first six months on the job. This helps employers during
new employees training period when they're getting up to speed and are
not as productive as they will be later.

3) The higher rate would be for everyone else. To give the local economy
and employers time to adjust & minimize disruptions it would be phased
in as follows;
$ 10 per hour on January 1st, 2015
$ 11 per hour on January 1st, 2016
$ 12 per hour on January 1st, 2017

4) My plan would give employers credit for their cost of providing health
insurance and retirement plans. This will greatly encourage employers to
offer those plans and wouldn't that benefit everybody ?

But first Measure R must be defeated so this new plan can be brought forward.

So now that Measure R has been defeated, what do you need to move your plan forward Mr. Fullerton? 


  1. I dont like ANY group being singled out for less. Being an IHSS worker I have been treated like less for 26 years.

    1. How do you feel about Fullerton's plan? Are you against it because it has different levels and leaves out tipped emloyees?

    2. Agree... perhaps it's a "poison pill" since it would be hard for progressives to accept a two tier minimum wage plan. A way of saying... "You see? I tried but you just can't please these people!"

      Perhaps not... I'm still punchy from THIS election.

  2. "So now that Measure R has been defeated, what do you need to move your plan forward Mr. Fullerton?"

    I'm kind of curious about that myself.

    If his vast number of $99 supporters get behind him he should be all set.

    We shall see.

    And let us see if he takes "Jobs/Economy killer" labels for his plan with as much grace as the progressives were forced to with Measure R. Because as sure as blueberry muffins contain blueberries... that's exactly what will happen.

    Note: I realize some blueberry muffins do not contain blueberries... I was just making a point.

    As I have said to Mr. Fullerton elsewhere: It should be fun.

    P.S.: I hope this doesn't show up twice... I think there may have been a problem the first time I tried.

    1. For some reason, if the blog doesn't think you are logged in properly to one of the choices if offers, it erases everything after you push "publish". It happens to me too so now I always copy what is in the box before hitting "publish". Just a little insurance so you don't have to type stuff twice.

  3. " People in their first six months on the job. This helps employers during
    new employees training period when they're getting up to speed and are
    not as productive as they will be later."

    In my (working) experience, "in six months" generally means never. Got five and a half months? Time to let you go. Sorry about your hungry kids....

  4. John Fullerton just said on a facebook post:
    John Fullerton My offer to help draft & pass a reasonable measure has been turned down by the left Charles Douglas. Apparently they learned nothing on Tuesday.

    Did he not see my blog post asking him how we get this done? Evidently not. I'll have to give him a call or something.

    1. I'm confused... why does Mr. Fullerton need Charles Douglas in the first place? Hasn't he got the political Mojo to get things done as he see fit?

      Also... why is he expecting cooperation from the left? He basically told the lot of us to go screw off when we were so bold to as to disagree with him and continue to support Measure R.

      If he wants us liberals on his side he's going to have to mend some fences (and show a modicum of flexibility). Besides... it's a bit much expecting progressive cooperation after the kind of campaign he chose to run to defeat Measure R.

      What he wants is something he will have to work for. He should expect that... after all he didn't get his one hundred $99 contributors all in a day.

      Anyway Mr. Seabourn... if you give Mr. Fullerton a call I recommend you don't mention me... he's pretty pissed at me right now.

  5. Tom, Help me out here. Since you live north of Arcata and Salzman and Brinton, who have been quite vocal on this live in Arcata, why have you not already proposed this in Arcata? Brinton was on the council. Did he ever raise this up there? They could do it tomorrow.

  6. Well I think Paul Pitino and Sofia Pereira will be for it. I am sure one of the others, Mark Wheetley, would go along. I bet it passes. Winkler is a right-winger.


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