Sunday, December 28, 2014

Some Photos From Recent North Coast Storms

There were rainbows everywhere. This one shown above was a full bow and later on it had a double rainbow.
 All of these pictures were taken on or about 12-23 and 24-2014 from the parking lot at the radio stations I work for which are just across US 101 from Humboldt Bay. The bay was furious at times. You could see the waves topping over the north and south spits, I had never seen wave spray above the trees at the North Spit before but that's what was happening. Forget the South Spit of Humboldt Bay. Waves crashed right over the entire thing into the bay for a couple of days.

 Driftwood piled up on some local beaches. We hadn't seen many storms since March of 2011 so there was a lot of wood just waiting to be deposited and it was. Above is a sample of what currently sits on Clam Beach near McKinleyville California.
The straight line at the bottom of the rock levy is the rail line where the rail road used to go. The tracks are still there but the trains have stopped running
Of course there was a lot of coastal flooding due to astronomical high tides and lots of rain. Other bloggers in Humboldt had that story and lots of fine pictures to go with it too.

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