Friday, January 30, 2015

Former Humboldt Bay PG&E Power Plant Worker And Whistle Blower Writes Book

Bob Rowen was a worker at Eureka's Humboldt Bay Power Plant which is owned by PG&E. The now gas fired plant used to be a nuclear plant with no containment dome. He says he was fired for being a whistle blower and trying to get the power plant shut down.

Now Rowen has written a book about his experience called My Humboldt Diary : A True Story of Betrayal of the Public Trust, Nuclear Power at Humboldt Bay.

Here is a link to a story at 

Second Update: Here is audio from Humboldt radio station KMUD

Here is a video from Bob Rowen that was posted to the lost coast outpost on 2-25-15.
The LOCO reports that Rowen will be doing a book signing at the Jogg'n Shoppe in Arcata this Saturday February 28th., from Noon to 3 Pm. 

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  1. Bob Rowen will have a book signing for his new book My Humboldt Diary: A True Story of Betrayal of the Public Trust at the Jogg'n Shoppe in Arcata, California on Saturday, February 28 starting at 12 noon. This signing is in honor of Forrest Williams who was a colleague of Rowen at the Humboldt Bay Nuclear Power Plant who was also targeted by PG&E for blowing the whistle on the company's nuclear operations. Rowen believes with conviction that what happened at Humboldt Bay is an incredible story that needs to be told.


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