Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Big Lie Is That There Is A Shortage Of Food

You've heard it from so many organizations and governments that you may believe it to be true. Only big agribusiness can grow enough food to feed the world. This is a false statement. We don't have a food shortage, rather we have a system that promotes food shortages by allowing international banksters to gamble with our food which they call commodities. This gambling used to only be allowed by those that were in the business or those that could actually take possession of said commodity. That ended when capitalism took over the food business. You see, capitalism only works if some people are rich and others poor, if some have too much and others have too little.

So, in essence, while capitalism has allowed the planet to grow more food than the population can eat, capitalism only works if some of those people are starving. This is the essence of capitalism. If you have the capital, you control the product, it's production, who gets that product and at what price. So people starve while we pour food byproducts into our cars in the form of ethanol. That's just one example propping up food prices so that investors can get subsidies and then gamble on them while others starve.
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A story I saw today written by Jonathan Latham at Independent Science News shows how this system we have set up is actually a big lie and how it is rigged against independent small farmers, organic farmers and those that want sustainable agriculture. It is a fantastic read and should open the eyes of many that think that the reason people are starving is because of a lack of food. Here is another link to the story at Truth Out dot Org.

There are several reasons why there doesn't appear to be enough food and in the future we will need to make adjustments to the ways we grow, what we grow, where we grow and why. I'm not here to advocate for an all plant based diet or other possible ways to feed the world. I'm just trying to help Jonathan Latham dispel the lie that only Big Agra-business can save us. 

I recommend everyone read this so that the next time someone talks about starving people, we look at the real reason why instead of the lie that it is due to a lack of food. The jest of this story is do defeat that great lie and it can be done by sharing this information.

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