Thursday, January 29, 2015

Trinidad To Clam Beach Run This Saturday!

The 2015 Trinidad to Clam Beach Run starts at Noon this Saturday, January 31st.
Below is information about the 3 course choices.
The 8 ¾ mile race begins approximately 2 miles north of Trinidad on Patrick's Point Drive near Westgate, proceeds south onto Stagecoach Road, through Trinidad, along Scenic Drive to Little River. The course crosses the river and continues along Clam Beach to the finish line at Strawberry Creek.

The 5 ¾ mile race begins in Trinidad and proceeds south on Scenic Drive following the 8 ¾ course to finish at Clam Beach.
 The 3 mile race begins at Patrick's Point Drive near Westgate, follows Stagecoach Road and finishes in Trinidad.
 Here is the official web site for the event.
Here is the official facebook page for the event. 

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