Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Break In The Weather For A New Eureka Festival

There was a new festival today in Old Town Eureka California. The Crab Crawl Festival featured music, a crab race, a slower crab walk and tasty crab eats. Happy hours were extended all over town for the Friday and Saturday event.

The weather was windy but otherwise mostly nice considering what was and what is still ahead. 
 Dad and I got there late but the wine tasting was still going on, as well as the live music and what looked like a real beer garden.

 There were several inside vendors and some that braved the edge of the water outside.
 I might have to get out early to this next year. Some locally smoked and canned salmon.
The above trawler the  was put into service in 1917 and worked until 2003. It is being restored and hopes to be done by 2017. See more here.

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