Saturday, March 7, 2015

Humboldt Polar Bear Found Not Guilty!

Shelter Cove resident Peter Galvin and 9 other non polar bear activists have been found not guilty for taking part in a protest the day after the People's Climate March last year.

Over 100 people were arrested in the climate change protest called "The Flood of Wall St." and according to Cole Mellino at EcoWatch, 10 of those arrested decided to fight the charges including the Director of the Center For Biological Diversity Peter Galvin. 

From EcoWatch

" According to Flood Wall Street, Judge Mandelbaum ruled that the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) order to disperse violated the First Amendment. In his ruling, the judge also found “that by ordering protesters to leave the entire Wall Street area, police violated protesters’
First Amendment right to carry their message directly to its intended recipients: the Wall Street bankers who bankroll climate change.”

Humboldt County newsy website Lost Coast Outpost has more pictures and stuff. 

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