Friday, March 6, 2015

Low Power Eureka Jazz Radio Station Now Near Bayshore Mall

Below is a copy of a post from last year about a low power Jazz radio station in Eureka built by Eureka resident Robert Stretton. The station has moved from it's former location near 10th and M Streets to near the Bayshore Mall. If you are at the mall or waiting for someone while in the car, check out FM 96.9.

I have found that in my car the station goes from around the Victoria Place Shopping Center on the north end to about the Elk River on the south end along US 101. It is also available on online.

Here is a copy of the original post.

Computer Talk Is Back On Humboldt's New Jazz Station

A new local online radio station is up and going 24/7 called Local FM.Net. It has a tiny FM signal at 96.9 FM in Eureka and if you can pick it up, you are pretty close to Robert's house near 10th and M Streets. The 30 milliWatt transmitter goes about 200 feet but in an emergency it can go up to 7 watts which would cover way more, perhaps a couple of miles or more.

There is a feature at the web site called the News Weather & Neighborhood Bulletin Board show. It is available on demand and is produced at 11am and 7 pm. There is also NPR News.

Built on 8 free software packages and a donated XP computer Robert says he has all of about $400.00 worth of equipment so far but he will be adding things like it's own back up power.

As it stands it has the Emergency Alert System for weather as it is hooked up to a Midland WR300 Weather Radio which has EAS Activation, and something missing around here. Great Jazz!

There is also a great weekend show that used to be on KGOE in Eureka. Dave Mason and his brother Evil Steve of Computer Talk take your calls and talk computers. That airs live on Saturday's from 10 AM to Noon.

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