Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Unhappy Anniversary Fukushima, It's Been 4 Years Of Radiation!

I find it a bit ironic that today we are setting up the call center and getting ready for yet another Radiothon to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis Tennessee.

If you want to help find cures for cancer, St. Jude is a good place to start. The radiothon will take place Thursday and Friday, March 12th. and 13th. Three of our music stations will suspend their regular programming to pull the heart strings of our listeners from 6 am to 7 pm both days. Last year we raised over $123-Thousand Dollars for St. Jude and hope to do the same or better this year. To donate, call 1-800-942-8771 during the radiothon hours listed above. It is my belief that researchers at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital are closer to a cure for cancer than scientists are to a cure for Fukushima.

And so feel that it is a bit ironic because today, the day before the radiothon starts, is the 4 year anniversary of the 3 Fukushima Diiachi Power Plants melted down with at least one reactor that contained MOX fuel which exploded and spread hot particles all the way around the northern hemsphere. Hundreds of millions of people were suddenly overly exposed to cancer due to a large earthquake, tsunami and poor power plant design.

The Nuclear industry isn't phased by this disaster that is still continuing to spew radioactive water and air into our biosphere with no end in sight. In fact, they have redoubled their efforts and are spending millions of dollars lobbying governments all over the world to build more nuclear reactors.

I say that if and when, scientists and industry officials finally make Fukushima and Chernobyl safe for people to live around and stop the radiation from destroying the planet, then and only then should we even consider a future with limited nuclear power generation. The idea of actually building and licensing more of these plants that are so expensive and dangerous that no insurance company in the world will write a policy for one, is insane and suicidal in my opinion.

From the recent story that PG &E lied about the licensing of it's Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant when considering earthquake standards to the ongoing disaster in New Mexico where an underground nuclear disposal site caught fire and has been leaking radiation, it is clear that Fukushima is not a stand alone disaster. The entire industry is currently a disaster and needs to be re-evaluated from the ground up before we re-license or build another facility anywhere on the planet.

Until there is a cure for nuclear energy and cancer you can call 1-800-942-8771 and help cancer research at St. Jude. If you live in the Eureka area you can tune in to Cool 105.5 FM, Big Red Country 92.3 FM or Power 96.3 FM or listen on line at, or 

Here are a couple of links to a couple of whistle blowers that you may find of interest.

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