Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Brew With A View Gets A Patio

Six Rivers Brewery in McKinleyville Ca. is already a great place to enjoy fine local brews and spirits. The view is also something to enjoy as you sip your Moonstone Porter and take in the Mad River and Pacific Ocean. Now there is a semi enclosed patio for you to enjoy your brew outside when weather permits it. These days the weather seems to favor patios so I expect this will be a big hit.

Below is a photo taken through the glass looking out from the patio at the Mad River. Fog is shrouding the ocean which is about a quarter mile past what you can see. On a clear day the views are fantastic but not bad on semi foggy ones either.

The logo in the center of the floor is a nice touch. Tables aren't in yet but they were just painting and staining the wood last night so one thing at a time.

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