Friday, April 24, 2015

The Latest From Ken Buesseler Radiation Testing From The Daily Beast

As part of my continued interest in the lack of government testing of our ocean, fish and even air here in California, The Daily Beast has an interesting article about what to worry about and what to not worry about when it comes to Fukushima radiation affecting our lives and ecosystem.
Ken Buesseler WHOI

While Cesium-137 has been showing up in fish and water testing along the west coast, Woods Hole Oceanographic scientist Ken Buesseler says he is more worried about Strontium-90. He is also very concerned that the government isn't doing it job of testing for radiation which is what I've been harping about for over a year. Without proper testing, we are all like mushrooms, meaning we are kept in the dark and fed nothing but excrement.

Buesseler said of the waters off the coast of Fukushima Japan, “You could swim in those waters, but you probably don’t want to eat the fish.”

Buesseler explains how cesium-137 reacts with living organisms like fish and people, including those that eat the fish. What he has to say about Strontium-90 is more alarming though.

See the story HERE! from James Joiner.

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