Saturday, May 2, 2015

Local Artist Antoinette (Toni) Magyar At Trinidad Art Nights And Other Pictures

I didn't make it to the other venues for this, the first Trinidad Art Nights of the year. There was so much going on just around the Lighthouse Grill where I took dad to dinner. Salty's surf and tackle next door had the Weber BBQ going and a small crowd. There was beer and wine on the patio of the grill. Across the street and behind the Chevron station there were fire dancers after the sun went down. There was an after party party at the Town Hall and art exhibits all over town. We never made it to those, maybe next month.

Trinidad Art Nights are the first Friday of the month starting in May and going through sometime in the Fall.

Between the Strawberry Rock Gallery and Lighthouse Grill were The Compost Mountain Boys playing bluegrass music.

Local Artist in residence at Westhaven Center for the ArtsAntoinette (Toni) Magyar talked to the crowd while painting bunny rabbits in front of the Strawberry Rock Gallery.

Toni's art is currently on display at the Lighthouse Grill which is in the background of the picture above.

Below is the inside of Strawberry Rock Gallery which Toni is painting in front of.

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  1. Toni is a fantastic artist. A few years back she was in a triple turnover accident that allowed her to walk away without severe injuries. From that point on, she knew her life would change and memories of flipping over and over, with the change of light, gave her an insight to pursue her artwork. From murals on model home walls to her very own 3D Spanish kitchen, Toni expresses her feelings and her customers love that.


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