Thursday, May 14, 2015

March Against Monsanto Saturday The 23rd. On Memorial Weekend

As Eric Kirk shared at SoHumParlance II, one can go to the Kinetic Sculpture Race water crossing in Eureka and then attend the March Against Monsanto, Saturday May 23rd.

Here is the scoop on the march from their facebook page

Bring your kids, dogs, costumes (honey bees, bumble bees beekeepers, butterflies, ladybugs, the possibilities are endless!), dogs, signs, drums - whatever your imagination dictates, to this important part of the global
movement to label, better yet, ban GMOs. Together, we will MARCH AGAINST MONSANTO!! Protect ourselves, our children, our CSAs, our bees, our mother earth, our organic farmers, ourselves, our rights, our very existence!

We will meet at 2nd and I streets, and at 3:00 we march to the Humboldt County Courthouse, where we will listen to various speakers and have the opportunity to speak ourselves, if we so choose.

THIS IS A FREE EVENT IN WHICH YOUR PRESENCE IS GREATLY NEEDED AND VERY IMPORTANT!! Come join us in a march for Seed Freedom, Food Freedom, Individual Freedom, and all sorts of Freedom!!

Here is a link to a article titled: The Economic Argument Against GMO's, A Top 10 List.


  1. Good luck with that.

  2. I think that luck will be needed since the water crossing for the race is actually on Sunday.

  3. It was a successful march and gathering. About 10 folks in support of GMO's including at least one scientist tried to change out minds about Monsanto and GMO's. They handed out literature that said that studies proved that GMO's are safe to eat. From the microphone I asked them if any of those studies were long term and if any of them involved women and or children or were they all done on adult males? The answer was silence. It was almost deafening. Again I asked, well? Can you answer my question? Nothing. They have nothing.

    1. Most likely they were hired help. There ARE no studies that back up the safety of GMO's.

  4. Allow me to reference the post-mortem analysis of the potato human feeding study from the 1950s compared to the 2008 study that used more children...

    Oh, nevermind, human feeding studies would be illegal to perform.


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