Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dock Removal At Big Lagoon County Park

The boat dock at Big Lagoon County Park has been removed.
Below is a photo of the old dock from earlier in the year.

 Today the dock was gone. I was wondering if it had anything to do with the tragic drowning of little Fisher Midnight Richardson at the lagoon last December. I believe his body was found by the dock.

Today there were flowers next to a sign by the dock and a sign with a small fence that says road closed where the dock used to begin.

I did a little digging. Turns out the dock had been removed as part of a park enhancement project that was put into motion over 5 years ago. Along with the replacing of the old dock there will finally be a boat washing station (at least a hose and place to use it). That second item, the washing station is seriously needed since

Big Lagoon has been invaded by a foreign species that hitches rides on unwashed boats. The New Zealand Mud Snail can attach to your boat, canoe or kayak and without a good washing after pulling the boat out of the water, can live for a long time on your craft only to be introduced into other areas like Stone Lagoon to the north. Some believe though that Stone Lagoon also harbors the creatures.

It's a beautiful lagoon and there is a camp ground just a few hundred feet from the boat launch. Day fees are 2 dollars per carload or 1 dollar for veterans.


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  7. The removal of this dock puts an end to the only place I can bring my father fishing. He is confined to a wheelchair. He dislikes the Humboldt Bay for the type of fishing he enjoys. Ruth Lake is to far to travel. Why is it money is always available for eradication,deconstruction and restriction.('Clam Beach)but rarely for accessibility?


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