Monday, October 26, 2015

Bill Press Visits Eureka For The Humboldt Library Foundation.

On Saturday, nationally syndicated radio talk show host Bill Press came to Eureka and led a talk and discussion of the current political situation in Washington DC.

There were laughs, sighs and a lot of good questions from the very much engaged crowd and some great answers from Mr. Press.

I think of all the questions and answers that stuck out the most was when toward the end a guy, I believe his name was Dave, questioned why Bill Press predicted earlier in his talk that eventually Hillary Clinton would win the Democratic Nomination for President.
During the Q & A  guy in the back row asked Mr. Press why he was so quick to brush off Bernie Sanders campaign as not able to win?

Bill answered him with what many of us forget when talking politics in Washington. Super Delegates was his answer. Press said that he felt that even if Bernie Sanders wins the most delegates, that at the convention which is run by the Democratic National Committee, the Super Delegates would vote for Hillary over Bernie and that would be it.

He was correct of course. Most likely that would be the outcome even if there were a brokered convention or even if there was a clear majority for Sanders. This fact was something that I had forgotten about and had been overlooking. From the response of the crowd, I wasn't the only one.

The event was well attended and was a fund raiser for the Humboldt Library Foundation. Bill Press signed copies of two of his books, "The Obama Hate Machine; The lies, distortions and personal attacks on the president and who is behind them". And Toxic Talk which was written about the right wing talk machine and the corporations that control the message of talk radio. We started with a full box of books and ran out.

After the event, I was lucky enough to be invited to dinner with Bill Press and members of the Humboldt Library Foundation.

Bill Press does his radio show live locally on KGOE AM 1480 from 3 am to 6 am Pacific time. He is also on Free Speech TV.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Weather So Interesting, They Can't Talk About It?

So, I'm a guy with a lot of opinions on a lot of subjects. I have always been a fan of weather forecasting, models, odd weather, hydrology and such. When I was young, I wanted to be a pilot. My neighbor was a pilot for United Airlines and he actually loaned me a book on the Boeing 727 so I could learn to identify the gauges and controls in the cockpit. After a few tests he took me up in his small plane. Before take off you have to check under the hood for critters or other problems. There is a complete safety check list that takes about a half hour before you get going down the runway. Once in the air I was in heaven. We went out over the hills and he actually let me fly the plane. It was so strange. I wasn't even old enough to drive yet but had driven my dads car on my aunts ranch so knew something about driving but this was much more complicated. Still I learned a lot from that guy and he showed me that there were many things I could be in life, a pilot was one of them. A few years later I did some sky diving and rode in planes that made me glad I had a parachute on while doing so. I only bring this up because I have spent my life studying the weather and  looking at the sky, unlike most people.

Seriously, most people don't look up and this was the norm before the so called "smart phones" took over the planet. Now almost no one ever looks up. It is because of this that those of us that do, are sometimes ridiculed for noticing and pointing out what is actually going on above our heads. I'm not going to go completely down that rabbit hole today because I don't have to. Below are links to two different stories referencing a gag order placed on US Government agencies such as the National Weather Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

I will note that the recent hurricane Patricia that came out of nowhere to become the largest hurricane or typhoon ever recorded went away as fast as it started. No one died in Mexico either. This was just the strangest storm in the way it went from nothing to the biggest back to nothing in just over a couple of days. 

I would like to also add that the massive drought that has been persisting along the US West Coast started right after 3/11/2011 which was when the tsunami destroyed 3 nuclear reactors in Fukushima Japan. Those 3 reactors went off line causing them to go critical and explode. What fuel wasn't blown into the sky and all over the northern hemisphere melted down and continues to do so virtually unabated for over 1,685 days now. On the bright side, we haven't gotten that much radioactive rain here in Northern California. NOAA, 

The National Weather Service, The Weather Channel, the main stream media have never reported radioactive rain here on the west coast. They have never said whether or not it could even exist. They also have never reported on the west coast beta radiation monitors being shut off. I reported this over a year ago and this story from NewsMax is just about the only other good story about this and it just came out 5 days ago. I investigated and the EPA claimed to me that Eureka California's beta monitor was shut off due to RF interference. When I sent a follow up correspondence asking what the offending Radio Frequencies were that caused the shut down they quit talking to me. At least they talked to someone at The Wall Street Journal  where the NewsMax article links to a year later. 

Follow the dots...
It's not just about unions and control. It's also about whistle blowers losing protections. 

The link below may be too much for people that never look up. 

And then there is this.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Red Cross Readies Workers, Resources For Hurricane Patricia


Red Cross Readies Workers, Resources in Anticipation of Hurricane Patricia
Local Residents Encouraged to Share Preparedness Resources with Loved Ones in Path of Storm

Friday, Oct. 23, 2015 – The American Red Cross is proactively readying its workers and resources in anticipation of Hurricane Patricia in order to be ready to respond quickly to the enormous storm.

Here in Northern California, trained Red Cross volunteers have been asked to update their availability to deploy should the need arise in Texas and the U.S. Gulf Coast; Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicles and their drivers are on alert; and experienced leadership staff are on standby should their expertise be needed to help run Red Cross disaster relief operations in affected areas.

As Mexico braces for Hurricane Patricia, more than 500 Mexican Red Cross volunteers are ready to support with first aid, logistics, relief distributions, shelter support and damage assessments. The Mexican Red Cross has pre-positioned 18 emergency response units—including ambulances—around Puerto Vallarta, have positioned thirty tons of relief supplies in advance of Hurricane Patricia making landfall, and are assisting with community evacuations.

The American Red Cross works closely with the Mexican Red Cross to provide humanitarian aid and assistance during large emergencies. Disaster specialists at the American Red Cross are monitoring the storm closely, remain in close contact with colleagues at the Mexican Red Cross, and are on standby to assist. As in all international disasters, the American Red Cross intervenes when the national society (in this case, the Mexican Red Cross) requests outside help.
“The western part of Mexico --including the state of Jalisco-- happens to be from where the largest percentage of Mexicans and Mexican Americans in California come; so we know that many local residents are very concerned about their loved ones,” said Trevor Riggen, Regional CEO, Northern California Coastal Region. “We want to encourage residents to help their friends and loved ones in path of the storm to be prepared by sharing these tips.”

  • Everyone should download the free Red Cross Emergency App, which provides tips on how to stay safe before, during and after a hurricane and also provides emergency alerts and other tools. 
  • Encourage loved ones to find out where they will get information on when and where to evacuate, especially if they are visiting from out of town and aren’t familiar with evacuation routes and procedures.
  • Set up your emergency communications plan with them NOW, while communications are still up. How will you get in touch with loved ones and know they're safe if phone lines and cell towers go down?
  • If they are American citizens in Mexico, they should check with the U.S. Department of State for guidance:  
  • Ensure they have an emergency kit with supplies for at least 3 days, including food, water, medications, important documents, clothing, a crank radio, back-up chargers for phones, etc. Find a full list here:

In the past, the American Red Cross has provided aid to families impacted by heavy storms and flooding in Mexico, such as the distribution of kitchen items, household cleaning supplies, and personal hygiene kits in the wake of Hurricanes Manuel and Ingrid, which struck in September 2013.

In response to Hurricane Odile—which made landfall in September 2014—the American Red Cross made a financial donation to aid survivors and helped reconnect families of US citizens who were stranded in Mexico. Red Cross chapters supported the reception of flights with returning tourists in Texas and provided snacks, comfort items, mental health support and calls to reconnect families. Likewise, the Mexican Red Cross makes itself available to aid the American Red Cross during emergencies, which it did during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

In the immediate aftermath of a large disaster, the best way to help is to make a financial contribution to the aid agencies responding. Once emergency response agencies have established their response structure, you can also reach out to find out what specific needs have arisen and the best way to help meet those needs. Do not drive into the affected area to deliver goods to volunteer unless you have already coordinated with an aid agency to confirm the need for your help and the ability to utilize it. (This article provides a deeper explanation of the best and worst ways to help:

Because of the size, complexity and cost of responding to large-scale disasters, the American and Mexican Red Cross utilizes local Red Cross and community volunteers first, then deploys skilled, trained volunteers from their nationwide network of Red Cross chapters. If you are interested in becoming a American Red Cross volunteer, it is important to sign up now and complete training so that you are ready to help your community when the need arises. Visit to fill out a volunteer application.

About the American Red Cross:
The American Red Cross shelters, feeds and provides emotional support to victims of disasters; supplies about 40 percent of the nation's blood; teaches skills that save lives; provides international humanitarian aid; and supports military members and their families. The Red Cross is a not-for-profit organization that depends on volunteers and the generosity of the American public to perform its mission. For more information, please visit or visit us on Twitter at @redcross.


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

FBI Foils Dirty Bomb Plot. Who Cares?

I don't get it. Smugglers with suspected Russian ties were busted by the FBI for trying to smuggle radioactive medical waste, this time it was Cesium.

WTF? Who cares about Cesium? The FBI said it was enough material to contaminate several city blocks. I've got news for the FBI and anyone that feels that a dirty bomb would strike terror into anyone. Three dirty bombs (former nuclear reactors) exploded about 1, 670 days ago in Fukushima Japan and it hasn't terrorized anyone. There is virtually no news about it. Cesium is being found all over the planet along with some crap that was in one of the MOX Fuel reactors which contained plutonium too. This stuff is now found all over the northern hemisphere and is building up because it continues to be a dirty or 3 dirty bombs which have no end. They can't be turned off. No one knows how. If that doesn't strike fear into you than some radioactive medical waste or even a single melting down reactor shouldn't be that much of a big deal to you.

Our government isn't even doing testing of the food it imports from Japan these days. The fish in the Pacific ocean are not being tested for radiation by any of our governments. The radiation detectors that used to test for Beta radiation build up in our west coast cities have been turned off. They still test for gama but not the dust that used to settle on the air filters that told the story of what people were actually breathing from Alaska to Mexico.

None of this seems to be important enough for governments to get involved. None of this strikes terror into the hearts of the talking heads that deliver the news. None of this is significant in the eyes of the US or other governments. So I ask you Mr. Terrorist, what could your little dirty bomb do compared to these 3 massive reactors that continue to spew deadly radiation 24/7 into the Pacific Ocean and the air? Nothing. It would probably be hard to even know if you set it off here on the US West Coast. I could be wrong but since I can no longer access the data from the Radnet systems, who really knows.

All I know is somebody is lying to us about one of these incidents being dangerous. In order to cause terror, you need to do something that scares people. If 3 out of control nuclear reactors spewing for over 4 and a half years doesn't cause fear than your little bomb isn't going to amount to a rats ass. Get a job! Your terrorism days are over.

Oh yeah, here is a link to the so called dirty bomb story today.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Invasive Species Protections Struck Down As Harbor District Race Heats Up

You may be hearing radio commercials for Nick Angeloff who is running for Harbor Commissioner for the Second District. He is running on a pro shipping, pro good paying jobs platform and believes the  current board is pro aquaculture at the detriment of good paying harbor jobs. Angeloff believes the port is being poorly marketed as a shipping port.

To be honest, most shipping ports that have a lot of ship traffic also have a railroad which allows for a lot of freight to be loaded or unloaded through the port. Our harbor has no functioning railroad. Another strike against switching the focus away from aquaculture, boating, fishing and recreation is the fact that it was already tried. According to last weeks North Coast Journal the Harbor District almost went broke when the economy tanked in the late 2000's. The pulp mill closed and shipping dwindled. That's when the district started to move in a different direction away from shipping and large industries and more toward other activities and developments for the bay and that seems to have been paying off. The NC Journal has the numbers.

My concern isn't so much about Nick Angeloff himself, he seems like a nice guy. I'm concerned about the idea that we need to move back to a more industrial port. I would like to see better paying jobs at the port but my problem is that the mentality that wants more industry in the port is the same mentality that would let the aquaculture and fishing be destroyed by invasive species. Not that they want the fish and oysters to die but since the EPA rules for ballast water were just shut town by a federal court, they aren't about to impose stricter rules on ships coming into our port than what other ports would impose on ballast water.

If the EPA rules had been upheld, I might be more in line with this new, more industrial oriented shipping port idea, even absent a railroad to make it work.  Without those federal safe guards, I don't trust this new group to both bring us good paying jobs and shipping while also keeping the bay clean enough for aquaculture, fishing and recreation. If the wrong invasive species were introduced into the bay via ballast tanks from China or elsewhere, the destruction could cost millions of dollars in damage to the fishing and aquaculture industries.

Here is the story about the EPA rules from The Hill.

Court rules against EPA’s invasive species rule

Getty Images
A federal court Monday rejected central pieces of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulations to reduce the spread of invasive species through ship ballast water.

The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, based in New York City, ruled 3-0 that the EPA’s decision to adopt an international standard for the technology to filter ballast water was “arbitrary and capricious,” among other provisions in the 2013 regulation.

Read More Here

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Last Trinidad Art Nights Of The Season This Friday

Join us in Trinidad for the last Trinidad Art Night of 2015!

Fill the streets and venues with the joy and love of our community.

Make your own fun agenda from our schedule below:

SCHEDULE for October 2nd

There is now a Shuttle Service Provided by Cher-ae Heights Casino.

“Lighthouse View,” start of Trinity St.

CIVIC CLUB ROOM 409 Trinity St. ‘Moonstone in Bloom,’ locally grown flower presentation by Devon VanDam.
Big Lagoon School Silent Auction and Raffle.

MOONSTONE CROSSING 529 Trinity St. Photography of Trinidad and Beyond. Dana Utman, Digital Archival Framed Prints. Jazz Standards by Tony Roach.

SEASCAPE RESTAURANT AND PIER 1 Bay St. Oil paintings by Jim Welsh.

TRINIDAD ART GALLERY 490 Trinity St. Featured artist Shirley Ruchong. Music by Howdy Emmerson and JD Jeffries.

TRINIDAD EATERY AND GALLERY 607 Parker Road. Gus Clark, Painting and Mixed Medium. Folk music by For Folk Sake!, Appetizers

 TRINIDAD TOWN HALL 409 Trinity St. ‘Meet Mr. Jesse,’ music presentation by Trinidad School’s music teacher. 6:30 - 7:30.
Bluegrass music by ‘The Good Time Rounders.’ 8:00-10:00.

Face painting by Tess Kraus and Painting with Jeff Stanley.
Beer, Hot Dogs and Refreshments.

“Saunders Plaza,” the start of Main St. Reggae Music by “Madi Simmons and Roots Foundation,” sponsored by Saunders Plaza businesses.

SALTY’S 322 Main St. Ocean lovers welcome.

STRAWBERRY ROCK GALLERY 343 Main St. Presenting a new selection of local art every month.

THE LIGHTHOUSE GRILL 355 Main St. Mark Chaton, Local Photography on Canvas. ‘Jill’s Whims,’ Jill Overbaugh, multimedia.

Trinidad North and Beyond

Featuring multimedia art from the Trinidad Art Gallery.

SIMMONS GALLERY 463 Trinity St. Recently opened! Showcasing select pieces by the late Ned Simmons, the Gallery's namesake.

SAUNDERS PARK (start of Patricks Point Drive) Fire performance extravaganza with Circus of the Elements at 8:30. Open Drum jam 6pm. (skate ramps continue next year!)

TRINIDAD TRADING COMPANY 460 Main St. ‘Spare Change,’ Jewelry by Jonna Kitchen.
 WINDANSEA 410 Main St. Featuring their own line of Jewelry.


US Senator Joe Liberman, WTC 7 Did Not Occur